Two misunderstandings with colleagues

Two misunderstandings with colleagues

Colleagues are the easiest to form a relationship of interest, and if small things are not treated correctly, a gully is easy to form.

It is important to remember in the workplace that we are face to face with colleagues, not enemies.

  After graduating from a prestigious school, Li Haigang, who has excellent ability, went to work in the unit, in order to expand his ability to do his job well, and helped his colleagues everywhere.

At first, colleagues liked him very much, but later he found that all of them were alienated from him, and the head of the department often made him difficult, which made him confused.

  Later, after hearing the “discussion” behind colleagues, Li Hai found that in their eyes, he was “sharp and competitive, seeming to help colleagues, but actually added credit to his credit books.”

Colleague Xiao Chen said: “Although he is not harmful, he is too much of himself. He always sees others as his focus, and tries to overwhelm others, especially when there is a leader present.

那次,我的电脑遇到了一个小问题,我叫钱姐帮忙,当钱姐正在帮我做事的时候,李海却跑过来抢了钱姐手里的工具修起了电脑,还说‘这么简单的事都不会做,你真笨’。Although the computer was repaired, I wasn’t comfortable at all, and they didn’t ask you to help.

After hearing this, Li Hai felt cold: How did I become such a person in their eyes!

  Opinions: Due to differences in experience, positions, etc., colleagues often have different views on the same issue, causing some changes. It is easy to be upset if you are not careful.

Therefore, when there are differences of opinion with colleagues, the first is not to be too preliminary.

Objectively, it takes a process for people to accept new ideas. Subjectively, they are often accompanied by a “good face”
and a “competitive and strong win” mentality.And it affects unity; the second is not to “take peace as value”.

Even when it comes to the issue of principles, they do not persist, do not transform, and even go with the flow, deliberately covering up contradictions.

In the face of problems, especially in the event of division, we must strive to find common ground and hope to seek common ground while shedding minor differences.

When it is impossible to agree, it does not hinder the cold treatment, indicating that “I cannot accept your opinions, I retain my opinions”, so that the transformation fades without losing my position.

  Honesty and jealousy made me suffer. When Luo Min went to work in a new unit, I thought I had the highest academic qualifications and the best ability, and I often showed complacency at work.

One day, the head of the department assigned him a very simple task, but Luo Min failed to complete it. Later, he turned to his colleague Chen Fei for a successful business trip.

Therefore, the supervisor praised Chen Fei and said, “Although Chen Fei is not highly educated, but he has strong operating skills, everyone should learn from him .” With such a commendation, Luo Min felt very uncomfortable in his future work.Always want to pick Chen Fei’s thorns, showing his ugliness.

But Chen Fei always learned from him very frankly, not angry.

As a result, over time, Luo Min left colleagues with a bad impression of jealousy. Therefore, in the selection of supervisors later, Luo Min lost to Chen Fei.

Luo Min sighed, “Jealousness made me suffer a lot!

“Comment: Many colleagues are usually peaceful, but when confronted with interests, they should not let them down.

Or talking to each other behind the back, or may be jealous, and talk coldly.

In this way, it is neither bright nor righteous, but it is also unfavorable to others. Therefore, when it comes to promotion, utilitarianity must always maintain a normal mind.

  Advice: Face life with smiles In real life, many narrow-minded people always seek their own psychological comfort and balance by hurting the self-esteem of others, but the result is often a loss of both sides. Neither side can win friendship and sufferRevenge.
  Collisions often occur between colleagues, and if they are not handled properly and in a timely manner, major contradictions will form.

As the saying goes, the enemy should be solved or not settled.

When there is a conflict with a colleague, you must take the initiative to tolerate it, find the cause from yourself, and think about it for others to avoid intensification of the conflict.

If you have formed a contradiction, and you are indeed wrong, you must put down your mind, learn to apologize, and move with sincerity.

Take a step back, and if one side takes the initiative to break through the deadlock, you will find that there is no big gap between each other.

  Faced with our own unfavorable facts, why don’t we face life with a smile and treat our colleagues around us kindly!

In real life, some people do not use important advantages to work, rather than computing colleagues.

Everything is a double-edged sword, and the more you do it, the more damage you suffer.

As a result, your relationship with your colleagues is getting more and more complicated. How could your work efficiency not decrease then?

Therefore, sticking to multiple officers and less worried about jealousy and calculating others is an important principle in dealing with colleagues.

Five feelings are essential for love

Five feelings are essential for love

According to the ABC report on January 20, a large number of studies have found that five basic human feelings have a profound impact on love, namely vision, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

  The heroes this time are Terry and Danny.

When the two met for the first time at the bar, Terry found Danny out of the crowd, and she felt her heart fly like a butterfly.

New Jersey State University professor Helen?

Fisher explained: “Vision is the foundation of love.

Your eyes will slowly screen for some people, they may not seem to meet your requirements, and finally, the eyes will consciously locate on the person who suits you best.

Once the eyes are focused, love comes.

Danny seemed to realize Teri’s gaze.

He slowly moved to Terry’s side, and some strange smells attracted him.

“Many people are attracted to the opposite sex, but they actually come from the sense of smell.

The human body emits various odors. Although we don’t feel it ourselves, the opposite sex causes extra sensitivity.

When the nose searches for these smells, it drives various chemical reactions in the brain.

The smell of the human body is not static, and some say that women’s body odor may be heavier during the physiological period.

“Danny then greeted Terry politely, and that magnetic voice made Terry a little intoxicated.


“Some studies have shown that men’s deep, confident voices have a fatal appeal to women,” Fisher said.

Women are auditory animals, and the various information received by their ears will be shattered and reorganized in their brains and transformed into various romantic and tender pictures.

“After some communication, Terry and Danny have a deeper understanding of each other.

Unfortunately, it was too late, and the two said goodbye reluctantly, Danny kissed Terry’s cheek with a little shyness, and a wonderful feeling surrounded each other.

“Men’s saliva contains androgens, and this ‘chemical mouse’ can arouse women’s sexual desire.

When kissing, a group of genes called MHC will be exchanged through saliva, which can not only determine the health status of the two after they are combined, but also accelerate the secretion of dopamine in the brain, which will help to create love.

“Overall, touch is the source of all human feelings.

When the skin touches, a large number of brain cells become abnormally active, and various positive brain responses are also generated.

Why does puberty feel particularly lonely?

Why does puberty feel particularly lonely?

Boys and girls who have entered adolescence have such an experience: they feel like they are adults, so they want to mature overnight.

The concern of parents no longer touches my heart as warmly as in the past, but feels piercing; Teacher, it seems that we have lost the prestige of the past in our hearts, and we ca n’t understand anything; even the classmates who are usually good are not so nowIntimate and intimate, I have nothing to talk about. I don’t know who to talk to.

  No wonder the boys and girls entering the second stage of psychological weaning always sigh: “No one understands me!

“I’m so lonely!”

Why do boys and girls feel particularly lonely when they enter puberty?

  Because this stage of puberty is a transitional stage for children to transition to recognition.

At this stage, all kinds of information about ourselves and society are flowing, and we need to think constantly to finally determine our own life goals.

At the beginning of this process, we often don’t know what we want to do, what we can do, and who we are.

  The role that society has given us has suddenly increased: we have to be children as well as students; among our classmates, we want to be accepted and loved; and we want to get the attention and trust of adults.

It is not easy for us to “play” the corresponding role in different environments, but we also want to be independent and mature, so we need to discuss and communicate with others, and we are not willing to open our hearts as much as possible.Therefore, German psychologist Spranger said, “No one looks at the world out of the window with youthful eyes more than young people from their lonely small room.Already.

This sense of loneliness is a manifestation of the development of young people’s self-awareness. With the increase of age, the enrichment of social life experience and the deepening of self-exploration, we will gradually acquire a familiarity, confidence and confidencefeel.

At this time, we can both think independently and communicate with others.

Men’s emotional updates are always faster than women

Men’s emotional updates are always faster than women

The story of Sarkozy, Bruni and Cecilia: The ex-wife resolutely ended the 11-year marriage, and soon the man met a woman who was similar to the ex-wife and could be challenging. Three months later, they got married by lightning.

and then?

No one knows then.

What can be assured is that the president’s love is very efficient. When the ex-wife and old lover who abandoned him had not had time to determine the wedding date, he had quickly upgraded his new girlfriend into a new wife.

  Men’s emotional renewal speed is always faster than women. Why is it easier for men to find new love than women?

Ask 10 male friends, and at least 8 answers will further confirm the fact that men’s physical needs are greater than women’s.

  Men have also been more decisive in establishing new relationships than women for many years.

Take Nicolas Sarkozy as an example. He never fell in love at first sight at his ex-wife ‘s wedding, or married Bruni Lightning, known as a “boy-eating man,”
which shows that this man with the highest power in the world ‘s most romantic country, Is an out-and-out radical adventurer.

  Wilde said that as long as he does not fall in love with her, men will be very happy with any woman.

Your honest male friend will tell you the reason for this happiness: because of the strange psychology, they have a desire for any unknown female body.

  When they are abandoned by their lovers, the endorphins produced in the love process begin to disappear, the comfort is deprived, the sense of tranquility is destroyed, and pain and anxiety follow.

  At this point, adventure becomes a soothing way and emotional transfer.

In this case, even a woman who is not all over the country can be a treasure island of him.

And if it is a natural stunner who meets a supermodel level?

Mr. President stepped into the legendary magic mountain.

  Men’s love is more efficient?

  ”Men are more efficient than women.

After the break up, the man would go to the bar with friends that night, and found that the new girlfriend might only be one day; and the woman would repeat with the female partner. This process takes at least a few days, and the replacement wastes more time.

“An investment bank friend’s answer was like doing an opportunity cost analysis, and I immediately understood why.

  There were two friends, men and women, who had the same sudden encounter with each other, and their reactions were very different: in less than a week, male friends found a new girlfriend in an unexpected public place; and female friends were in the sistersAfter a month of consolation, the only topic they met was still: “Why did he say that on msn?

“Men will say:” We are more rational “,” We are stronger “,” Quoting with lovers, friends are more important to us “,” Men’s dignity is important “. They only said the first half of the sentence and made a continuation tailAll things come to the fore: “We are more rational-so we don’t waste too much time on unnecessary searches”, “We are stronger-so we recover better”, “Ratio to lover, friends are more important to us-isYes, they will help me find my next lover right away. “” The dignity of men is very important-so our face cannot afford to wait too long “. In short, the subtext is:” We must be efficient, this is a social requirement.

“As far as Sarkozy is concerned, this lightning marriage must be a noble fire rescue-whether as a man or a president.

  It is definitely the same ring that Bruni has with Cecilia, or the Jordanian two who want to make a difference.

It cannot be denied that this private show also has its social considerations.

  At the very least, for Sarkozy’s March visit to Britain, the February marriage was like the French government said: “It’s a good time.

Bruni, 13 years younger than Sarkozy, looks like an updated version of Cecilia, and taking her to drink tea with the well-known British royal family in Windsor Castle is obviously a decent thing.

  In fact, after the star president’s wife and lady stayed at the Elysee Palace, not only had Sarkozy’s taste improved from Rolex to Pat Philip, but also subconsciously helped the women in the palace.

  At the diplomatic banquet of the Elysee Palace, all female politicians in Sarkozy’s cabinet made a beautiful appearance, and they seemed to have the momentum to overpower the first lady.

When various media deliberately put on the same page the Saree Beauty Corps and the gray-faced female opponents from other countries, we suddenly discovered that Sarkozy’s alternation was a man’s face, and it was simply a country’s face.

Eat cold beef in the winter to nourish the spleen and stomach

Eat cold beef in the winter to nourish the spleen and stomach

Because of the cold weather in winter, many people will like to eat some steaming food.

However, eating too much hot food can easily cause water shortage and fire in the body, so even if the weather is cold in winter, you should also eat some cold food, which is more beneficial to your health.

Today I will introduce a cold dish suitable for winter eating, cold beef.

Cold beef raw materials: beef tendon 1000g, salt 1.

5 small spoons, a large spoon of peppercorns, 3 star anises, 1 fragrant leaf, scallion, ginger slices, 5 dried peppers, 10 peppercorns, a small piece of cinnamon.

Practice: 1.

Buy the beef bone, rinse it, dry it for a while, and rub it with salt and peppercorns for about 20 minutes. Marinate it in a water-free and oil-free basin for at least 2 days.


Put cold water in the pot, lower the marinated beef tendon, cook for 5 minutes after boiling, remove and rinse with hot water, and pour the water out of the pot.


Add the beef to the pot and add a lot of hot water. Add the remaining seasoning to the seasoning bag and into the pot.


Heat over low heat and simmer slowly until the beef can easily penetrate through with chopsticks.


Remove the beef and put it on a rack to air, and cut and eat it at least half a day later.


Raw soy sauce: sesame oil: vinegar: salt = 1: 1: 1: 1.

The ratio of 5 is good, add some small peppers and mix well.


Slice the beef, put it on a plate, sprinkle some shredded onions, and pour into the serving table.

Beef is rich in protein and amino acid composition, which is closer to human needs than pork, which can improve the body’s disease resistance. It is especially suitable for people who have lost their blood and repaired tissues after growth, development and surgery.

Beef eating in the winter has a stomach-warming effect, which is a good supplement for the winter.

Chinese medicine believes that beef has the functions of nourishing spleen and nourishing qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening bones and bones, resolving phlegm and relieving wind, and quenching thirst and mouth.

It is suitable for everyone with depression in the middle air, shortness of breath, weakness of muscles and bones, chronic anemia and yellowing.

Some people think that the taste is the most delicious when the beef begins to rot.

In fact, this is extremely absurd.

Although the internal maturation period after the slaughter is longer than other meats, it is fully matured before the store is set up, and it can be left at home for only three or four days. The whole meat is limited to one week.

At the same time, in order to prevent oxidation and deterioration, it should be stored in the refrigerator.

You can eat beef once a week, and you ca n’t eat too much. In addition, it is better for Aunt Niu to eat, otherwise it will increase the amount of lactic acid and unfortunate accumulation in the body.

Regular strawberries in spring refreshing appetizing moisturizing lungs and spleen

Regular strawberries in spring refreshing appetizing moisturizing lungs and spleen

Spring is the time to eat strawberries. Strawberries are already on the market in early spring.

Driving the family to the neighborhood, eating farm vegetables and picking fresh strawberries, became one of the activities of Yangcheng residents’ spring.

Because of its high nutritional value, strawberries are particularly suitable for health in spring, so they are regarded as “the first fruit of spring” by nutritionists.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica” records that strawberry can nourish the lungs, strengthen the spleen, nourish blood, and nourish qi, and is a nourishing product for the elderly, children, and those who are physically weak.

Strawberry is a typical concentrate with about 89% -93% moisture and a reasonable nutritional ratio. The content of vitamin C is about 10 times that of the same amount of watermelon, grapes or apples, so the iron oxide in strawberries,Fructose, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, etc., are known as “living vitamin pills”. For the lung fever cough, sore throat, long-fired gardenia that are prone to occur in spring, the nutrients contained in strawberries can be used as adjuvant treatmenteffect.

At the same time, because of iron, friends with anemia can often eat.

  Strawberry is a “refreshing fruit”, which can refresh and refresh the brain. Firstly, it is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron and nourish the cells. Secondly, strawberries contain strong and effective antioxidants.It can effectively remove harmful free radicals in the human body. The natural anti-inflammatory ingredients contained in it can reduce the amount of free radicals to slow down aging and keep brain cells active.

All these make strawberry have the functions of improving symptoms such as depression, insomnia, and easy doze, help people to refresh their spirits and drive away fatigue.

If you want to solve the problem of “spring deficiency” in spring, you may wish to eat some strawberries.

  Although strawberry is a good refreshing, appetizing fruit, but it is cold, do not eat too much at one time, especially the spleen and stomach are cold, prone to diarrhea, and people with too much acid should control the amount.

People with lung cold cough (white phlegm) should not eat strawberries.

In addition, many people like to cut strawberries into pieces and mix them in yogurt or milk. From a nutritional point of view, this is not reasonable.

Because the ingredients in strawberry will affect the absorption of calcium in yogurt and milk, and then reduce the absorption rate of milk protein.

Strawberries contain too much calcium oxalate, and patients with urethral stones caused by calcium oxalate should not eat too much.

Experts cure acne from the ingredients before they cure the problem_1

Experts cure acne by starting with ingredients

Summer is coming, but the acne on the chest and back is still not good.

How can you make these acne subside quickly?


Cucumber + rice anti-acne marks The cucumber whitening effect rich in vitamin C is incredible. Whitening cucumber slice porridge completely can also eliminate the acne marks on the chest and back.

Wash the cucumber, peel and cut into thin slices.

The rice was washed and the ginger was washed and crushed.

Add about 1000 ml of water to the pot. After the rice and ginger are put together on a high heat and boiled, use a low heat to slowly cook until the rice is rotten, then add the cucumber slices, and then cook until the soup is thick, and season with salt.


Celery + Sydney’s most detoxifying Celery is rich in fiber, which can filter waste in the body to help detoxify the body, while Sydney can nourish the yin and clear the heat and reduce fire. Combining these two ingredients to sterilize and eliminate pigmented lemons and tomatoes that clear the heat, stir various ingredientsBeverages and a drink a day are particularly effective in fighting acne.


Peach kernel + Hawthorn to the internal fire, 9 grams of peach kernel, 9 grams of hawthorn, 9 grams of Fritillaria, half leaf of lotus leaf, add 1000 ml of water, first boil, then fry over low heat for 15 minutes, filter and take the soup instead of hot waterBrewing green tea.

As long as you serve for 30 days, you will get very obvious results.


Water and oil balance rely on oyster pox flower muscles should stay away from seafood such as hair, but there is one kind of seafood you can safely eat boldly, and that is oysters.

Because oysters are rich in zinc, taking zinc nutritional supplements can control the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous glands and have a good effect on eliminating acne.

However, high-fiber foods and other supplements containing calcium, iron, and phosphorus can hinder the body’s absorption of zinc.

Tell you four principles of eating rice

Tell you four principles of eating rice

Four basic principles of eating rice.

  The first principle-try to make the rice “light”.

  As far as possible, do not add fat to the rice to avoid adding extra energy, and you can avoid increasing blood lipids after meals.

Therefore, it is better to eat less fried rice, add sausage to cook rice, or use rich vegetables to mix rice, which can also be avoided.

Therefore, try not to add salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate to the rice, to avoid adding extra salt, otherwise it will not control blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular accidents.

  What I want to explain here is that adding vinegar, wrapping it with laver, and adding vegetables and raw fish in the middle is in line with the principle of lightness.

Vinegar itself can reduce blood sugar response and help control blood lipids; laver and raw fish are also cardiovascular beneficial ingredients.

Therefore, as long as the salty meal is not eaten at the same time, the laver rice roll is a staple food suitable for chronic patients.

  One day recommendation for healthy rice: Breakfast: 4 rolls of cucumber, salmon, laver, 1 cup of milk, 2 citrus lunch: oat, black rice, white rice, fried bean sprouts with steamed fish, steamed fish, seaweed tomato and egg soup. Dinner: Homemade miscellaneous bean sashimi(Sugar-free), spinach with sesame sauce, fried tofu with shiitake mushrooms, and carrot shreds with green pepper. Special tips: The rice selection requirements of chronic patients are not reasonable, whether they are diabetic, hyperlipidemia patients, hypertension patients, adult liver patients, etc.Eat too much refined white rice as a staple food.

Diabetics require a staple food with a slower increase in blood glucose and a lower blood sugar load; Hypertensive patients require a staple food without salty taste; Parahepatic patients require a fiber-rich staple food; Hyperlipidemia patients require a choice to help reduceStaple food for blood lipids.

  The second principle-try to make the rice “rough”.

  The so-called coarse is to minimize the refined white rice and eat less sticky rice.

Their blood glucose response is too high, which is very detrimental to the control of blood glucose and blood lipids.

Only eating enough fiber can effectively reduce the digestion speed of rice, and at the same time, it can adsorb plasma and feces in tandem, thereby reducing the effect of postprandial blood glucose and blood lipids.

This can also make people eat slower and eat less, which is good for weight control.

In general, most chronic patients are of the type exceeding the standard, and weight control is the first priority of diet adjustment measures.

  Some rice with high nutritional and health value, such as alkaline rice, black rice, germ rice, etc., all have a “rough” taste.

Although “coarse” is good for health, eating 100% of slender rice every day feels inadequate in taste and it is difficult to persist for a long time.

Therefore, when cooking rice, it does not hinder the use of “coarse” grains such as rice, barley, oats, and rice to “cooperate” with the rice, and the taste will be easier to accept.

It is best to soak the “crude” ingredients in the water overnight, and mature with the rice at the same time.

  The third principle-try to make rice “messy”.

  When cooking rice porridge, it is best not to use a single rice, but rice, whole grains, beans, nuts and so on.

For example, red bean rice, peanut oatmeal rice porridge, etc., are rice foods that are very suitable for chronic patients.

The addition of these food materials increases the B vitamins and minerals, which can re-use the complementary role of protein and nutrition, which can reduce animal foods while ensuring adequate nutritional supply.

  Of course, what’s more important is that it can effectively reduce the blood glucose response and control the rise in blood lipids.

Among them, the combination of beans and rice is ideal because beans contain a lot of supplementary fiber, and the starch digestion speed is very slow. It also contains some delaying starch to glucose residue, such as tannin and phytic acid, to prevent chronic diseases.

  The fourth principle-try to make rice “color”.

  Although white rice is crystal clear and cute, it also means that it does not contain antioxidants and has low vitamin content.

If you choose colored rice and match it with other foods to make the rice more, it can greatly improve its nutritional value.

For example, adding green peas, orange carrots, and yellow corn kernels together when cooking, is very beautiful, and provides vitamins and carotenoid antioxidant ingredients, which is particularly helpful to prevent eye aging; sometimes,Choosing purple rice, black rice, red rice and white rice together can also provide a large number of anthocyanin antioxidants to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

  In short, because rice is a food that is eaten in large quantities every day, its nutritional and health care value is extremely close to everyone’s health.

If you think of these healthy principles of eating rice every day, you will accumulate over time, and you will be able to prevent diseases and prevent debilitating effects, which will be extremely beneficial to chronic patients.

Common causes of babies crying

Common causes of babies crying

Tears are the unique emotional language of human beings. Novice parents always feel trapped in the face of babies who express themselves frequently by crying.

So, is there a simple inspection method that can quickly determine and discover the cause of your baby’s crying?

  1 Hungry As a novice parent, you must remember when your baby drinks milk every time.

Time, the feeding time for a baby who drinks breast milk is 2?
3 hours, the feeding time between meals for a baby who does not drink breast milk is 3?
4 hours.

  Is the baby full?
After 3 hours, the last meal is almost digested. If the baby is crying at this time, it is likely to be hungry. At this time, you can do this: Step1: Check the diaper first.

  Step 2: Wash your hands and prepare to feed your baby.

  Tips: Pay attention to 2 items. Note 1: Do not help your baby change diapers immediately after drinking milk, otherwise it will cause the baby to spit milk.

  Note 2: The baby should remember to ventilate after drinking milk. Parents just need to lift the back of their hands and gently pat the baby’s back to get good results.

  2 Advances in the era of wet diapers, changing diapers is no easy task for parents, not to mention that some diapers also have intimate designs, which can show whether the baby has wet diapers near the diapers.

  Changing diapers frequently Although changing diapers is relatively simple, diaper rash is the most common skin disease in infants and young children. This is caused by babies’ wet urine or stools that breed bacteria in the diapers, decompose urine to produce ammonia, and boots stimulate skin.

  To prevent diaper rash, you can do this: Step1: Change your diaper frequently.

  Step2: Using disposable diapers with good water absorption and good air permeability can effectively reduce the frequency and severity of diaper rash.

  Step 3: Wear a fit diaper.

  Step4: Before changing the baby to a new diaper, it is best to wash the skin with warm water, pat dry with a towel, and finally put on a new diaper.

  3 long toothache When the baby has long teeth, the gums itch and they will like to bite people or things.

In addition, some baby’s gums will have a red circle of inflammation on the edge of the baby’s gums.

Once your baby feels pain and discomfort, it will become irritable and cry.

  Bite a bite to reduce crying. The baby will enter the stage of teeth from 6 months. In order to reduce the baby’s gum discomfort, you can do this-Step1: Provide a teether to let the baby bite, so that the baby will not bite clean things.

  Step2: You can use a cold compress or a cold towel to apply cold to your baby’s cheek.

  Step3: Massage the baby’s gums with clean fingers.

How to talk to your boss about salary when applying

How to talk to your boss about salary when applying

Xiao Zhou has just graduated from a prestigious university graduate and is facing a job search. His resume is well-written, and there are a lot of certificates. He is confident that he can find a well-paid job.

He was distressed. How exactly should he talk about salary with his boss?

  Talking about salary when applying is a difficult problem for many job seekers. Here we try to explore this issue from a psychological perspective.

  From the perspective of the boss, the first thing you value is how much value you can create for him.

It ‘s not wise to discuss pay first. Sometimes the boss will ask you how much money you have paid during the interview. You can answer this: “It ‘s not important how much I paid in the past. What ‘s important is my work ability and professional knowledgeIs not what your company needs.

“Then I turned the topic from salary to showing your outstanding work performance, your good overall quality and the professional fields you can contribute to the company, and then show what new contributions you can make to the company.

  When you and your boss already know each other quite well, sooner or later you need to talk about the specific salary score, which is also a critical moment to protect your interests.

Before applying for a job, you may be able to learn about the company you are applying for through various channels, the large amount of salary for the job position, comprehensive career development prospects and your personal actual needs, and clear your psychological bottom line for expectations.

You can ask the boss to say the number first. Usually the boss also has the upper and lower limits he can accept, and will be free to adjust within the limits. If the boss changes instead of your psychological price, you will set a salary that is at least 10 higher than your original salary.%?
20% of the price, if you originally took too little money, then increase it appropriately, but try not to say too specific numbers, because this can easily cause a deadlock.

Even if you think the boss’s performance is too low to look down on you, don’t show it in language, try to be “gentle and firm”, and keep smiling, humorous and polite on the basis of insisting on principles.

  Sometimes it is unavoidable that you have to speak first. Be careful not to set the bottom line too low. You can point out a salary that is roughly the same as you think. Because the boss ‘s negotiation psychology tends to pay attention to your bottom line, you cannotSet the bottom line too low.

Also pay attention to keeping the same, it can be said: “Based on my experience and professional level, and the current average salary level for this position in the talent market, my expected salary is between XX yuan and XX yuan. I don’t know if it is consistent with your salary standard.Coincide?

“So you regain control.

  Talking about salary requires some skills, but for some job seekers, some obstacles are not their sophisticated negotiators, but themselves.

Some people are too inferior, while others are too arrogant and confident, which leads to their own losses or job failures.

Some job seekers are “embarrassed” to talk about money, or use poor language, or excessively lack the ability to understand and experience the psychology of others. These problems can not be solved simply by mastering some skills.Promote true maturity of character.