Woman over thirty how to burn good looks

Woman over thirty how to “burn” good looks

After women reach the age of 30, heavy work pressures, irregular lifestyle habits, and unreasonable diet . a little carelessness will enter the ranks of “yellow-faced women”: the skin is particularly prone to dryness, no gloss, the corners of the eyes,There will also be small fine lines on the corners of the mouth.
  Papaya, red date, lotus seed honey-nourishing and nourishing the skin. Papaya is a well-known whitening food, and its vitamin A content is extremely rich.
Chinese medicine believes that papaya is sweet and flat, can digest food, strengthen the stomach, beautify the skin, nourish lactation, and has a good therapeutic effect on people with indigestion or constipation.
For beauty treatments, papaya can be eaten with milk or used to make dishes or porridge.
Jujube is a traditional food that regulates endocrine and nourishing blood and beauty. If jujube is eaten with lotus seeds, it will increase the effect of regulating menstruation, nourishing qi and nourishing the body.
  In the dry autumn and winter seasons, making a hot papaya, red date and lotus seed honey will not only warm up your body and your heart, but also help your skin resist the dry climate.
Prepare papaya, red dates, lotus seeds, honey, and rock sugar.
First, add jujube and lotus seeds to a suitable amount of rock sugar and cook until needed.
Then cut the papaya apart and remove the seeds, put the red dates, lotus seeds, and honey into the papaya, steamed in the basket and eaten.
  Tips: When eating, be sure to eat papaya together.
After dinner, this tonic is best served as a dessert for the whole family.
  Wolfberry wine stuffed eggs-to give you a good look. Many people like to eat wine stuffed eggs, but the wolfberry wine stuffed eggs recommended here are quail eggs.
This is because quail eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins, and vitamins A and E. When cooked with wine, it also produces enzymes and active substances that are beneficial to women’s skin.
Take a bowl a day to make your skin tender and shiny.
  Lycium barbarum is a good product for nourishing liver and kidney, and it is also one of the raw materials commonly used in beauty medicated diets. The content of vitamin A is also particularly rich.
When these foods are added together, they can more promote the absorption of nutrients, and women’s complexion will be more moisturizing and moving.
  When boiling wolfberry wine and stuffed eggs, first boil 200 grams of wine, then add 5 grams of wolfberry, an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and 50 grams of quail egg liquid, and finally boil.
  Tips: Quail eggs are more tonic than eggs, but eggs can also be used.
You must remember to eat the egg yolk, its effectiveness is better than protein, especially the cholesterol in it is also very beneficial to breast development.
The new mother insists on eating every day after giving birth, which not only guarantees high-quality milk, but also improves the skin.
  花生芝麻糊——抗衰老 花生与黑芝麻是30岁女性抗衰老的首选食品,这主要归功于它们富含维生素E,同时还有防止褐素沉着于皮肤的作用,避免色斑、蝴蝶斑的form.
Sesame contains a powerful anti-aging substance, sesaminol, which is an important nourishing food for preventing female aging. The B vitamins in it are also very rich, which can promote the metabolism of the human body, and it is also beneficial to the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone.Chest effect.
  Making peanut sesame paste requires preparing peanuts, black sesame, and salad oil.
First, the peanut kernels are fried and fried with black sesame seeds. Then they are put into a blender, crushed into powder, and stored in a sealed glass jar.
When you want to eat, put it in a bowl with a clean spoon and add boiling water.
If you like sweet, you can add some honey.
  Homemade peanut sesame paste is more natural and healthier than bought outside, and is best for breakfast or an afternoon meal.
  Reminder: It is best not to peel off the “red clothes” from the peanuts, because the “red clothes” have excellent blood replenishing effect.
  Double Bean Chicken Wing Soup-Increase skin elasticity Soybeans and green beans are not only rich in protein, lecithin, but also phytoestrogens. This isoflavones can effectively increase the level of estrogen in the body, thus making women more youthful.
Moreover, isoflavones also have the effect of preventing osteoporosis.
  In addition, many people only know that trotters are beauty products, but they do not know that chicken wings also contain a large amount of collagen, and the protein content is higher than that of trotters. It can be used with soybeans and green beans to increase skin elasticity and moisturize the skin.
  Ingredients needed: soybeans, green beans, chicken wings, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, broth.
First, put soy beans, green beans, chicken wings and other ingredients into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of broth, simmer over low heat, and finally season with salt, monosodium glutamate, and cooking wine, and then eat.
  Tips: Be careful not to remove the skin when soy beans and green beans are soaked in water.
Chicken wings should use wing neutralization and wing tip instead of wing root with lower collagen content.
  Walnut, pine kernels and corn kernels-beauty and breast enhancement 健 Walnuts and pine nuts are classic tonic foods for women. They are rich in vitamin E and zinc, which are good for moisturizing the skin and delaying skin aging.
In addition, they are rich in protein, minerals, and B vitamins, making them the best choice for beauty and hairdressing.
Walnuts and pine nuts are both good sources of linolenic acid. This is the most popular health-building ingredient in the health and has the function of stimulating estrogen synthesis.Corn’s own vitamin E is also a skin-beauty food that is highly regarded by experts.

  The preparation method is very simple. Take an appropriate amount of broth, add rock sugar and corn, simmer over low heat, sprinkle with walnut and pine nuts, and serve immediately.

  Tips: It is best to buy raw walnut and pine nuts, stir-fry them yourself, and it is best to use linolenic sunflower oil.

Don’t overdo it when eating walnuts, pine nuts and corn. It is recommended to drink a small bowl every day.

Too much food may cause too much absorption and cause too much.

  Yam and green bamboo shoots fried chicken liver-improving skin color Yam is a tonic and tonic that is highly respected by traditional Chinese medicine.

Chicken liver cancer, such as iron, zinc, copper, vitamins A and B vitamins, is even beneficial to the synthesis of estrogen, and it is also the food of choice for nourishing blood.

Green bamboo shoots are a potential fiber beauty vegetable.

The three are used together to nourish qi and blood, and improve the skin’s moisturizing feeling and color.

  Prepare yam, green bamboo shoots, chicken liver, salt, monosodium glutamate, broth, and starch.

First yam and green bamboo shoots are peeled, washed and cut into strips.

Wash the chicken liver with water and cut into pieces.

Then yam, green bamboo shoots, chicken liver and other raw materials are boiled with boiling water.

Finally, put some cooking oil in the pot, add an appropriate amount of broth, add all the ingredients after seasoning, stir fry a few times, and eat after simmering.

  Tips: When eating fried chicken liver with yam and green bamboo shoots, be sure not to drink coffee or strong tea before and after meals to avoid affecting the absorption of nutrients in food.

If you don’t have chicken liver, you can also choose pork liver or duck liver instead.

  Tips: The beauty and stagnant effect of regular food pollen free wrinkle pollen is beyond the reach of other foods. It is unique in preventing skin pigmentation, rough skin, wrinkles and skin allergies, freckles, acne, dark spots and so on.

  This is because pollen contains a large number of vitamins required for skin beauty. Among them, vitamin A has a special physiological role in promoting the metabolism of epithelial cells and maintaining the health of epithelial tissues. Vitamin B can enhance skin metabolism, and vitamin C can enhance skin elasticity.Vitamin E prevents skin aging and prevents premature wrinkles.

  Fine-skinned beauty eat oysters. In some places, oysters are also called oysters. They have high nutritional value. They are cooked or boiled, and the soup is like milk, so it is called “sea milk”.

Chinese medicine believes that oysters can supplement the five internal organs, nourish qi, nourish blood, and promote blood circulation.

Oyster grilled food is basically delicious, and can delicate skin, beauty and beauty.

Oyster sauce made from oysters is a premium condiment that is delicious and nourishes the face.

  Eat more “double beans” freckle whitening potatoes are rich in B vitamins and a lot of high-quality cellulose, but also contain trace elements, protein, trace and high-quality starch and other nutrients.

These ingredients play an important role in the anti-aging and disease prevention process, and can effectively help women detoxify.

It is rich in vitamin C to restore women’s whitening skin.

In addition, the crude fiber in potatoes can also have an intestinal laxative effect.

  Eating more peas can dispel spots and keep your face, “Compendium of Materia Medica” claims that peas have the effect of “removing dark spots and making the face shiny”.

Modern research has found that pea beans are rich in provitamin A. This substance can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A has the effect of moisturizing the skin and is absorbed from general foods without causing toxic side effects.

Eating peas also has swelling, stretches the skin, and can tighten wrinkles around the eyes.