What fish is good for spring health

What fish is good for spring health

What fish to eat in spring

At this time, the fish is plump and possessed, and the content of various amino acids in the body increases and the content is balanced, so the fish tastes more delicious.

So what kind of fish should a baby eat in spring?

  Sea fish is the first to be found in sea fish. The trace content of sea fish is higher than that of ordinary samples, and most of them are unsaturated fatty acids, which can lower cholesterol, enhance skin surface cell vitality, and make skin delicate and smooth.

  The scales and silvery-white oily layer of the zebrafish also contain an anti-cancer component, 6-thioguanine, which is beneficial for adjuvant treatment of leukemia, gastric cancer, and lymphoma.

  Carassius auratus is also rich in magnesium, which has a good protective effect on the cardiovascular system and can prevent hypertension and myocardial infarction.

At the same time, the fish has less fat spines and delicious taste, which is very suitable for children and those who are afraid of fish spines.

  The sturgeon in the river fish river fish is also a good food for spring tonic.

Fish is characterized by comprehensive nutrients, high sugar content, low traces, rich in protein, multiple vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids necessary for the body, so it is both tender and not fatty.

Eating catfish is no longer good for fitness, it also helps lower blood pressure and blood fat, and makes people live longer.

Maternal consumption of catfish can not only increase nutrition, but also effectively promote milk.

  The nutritional composition of marine fish and freshwater fish is the same. In general, deep-sea fish has relatively high nutritional value, unsaturated molecular weight, minerals such as iodine, selenium, manganese and vitamin A, vitamin D is more.

  Despite the high nutritional value of fish, different cooking methods have a significant impact on nutrient absorption.

Fresh fish is best steamed, stewed or braised, because it can preserve the fish’s true color and taste, and the meat is delicious, resulting in the loss of nutrients.

It is best not to fry, fry, or roast, otherwise the other will destroy nutrition and will add a lot of harmful substances.

  Fish that live in nature will be contaminated by bacteria or water to some extent, so when cooking, be sure to cook thoroughly and never eat raw.

It is generally recommended that adults eat fish 2-3 times a week, 2-3 times each time, at least once.