[Cantaloupe and Kiwi Juice]_Melon Juice_Method

[Cantaloupe and Kiwi Juice]_Melon Juice_Method

Cantaloupe and watermelon are two essential melons in summer, while cantaloupe and watermelon are more sweet.

So for those who like to eat sweets, cantaloupe has become a fruit they like, and the sugar content in kiwi is also very high.

If you use cantaloupe and kiwi to squeeze fruit juice together, they can play their role at the same time.

So what is the method of squeezing kiwi juice?

Cantaloupe kiwi vegetable juice 1. Remove the skin of the cantaloupe and wash it into small pieces.

2. Cut the kiwi in half, then remove the pulp with a spoon.

3. Wash the lettuce.

Tear small pieces by hand.

4. Then put all the above ingredients into the juice machine and stir.

5. When you are done, add the right amount of milk and you are ready to eat.

Cantaloupe, known as melon and cantaloupe in the old days, is called “Kuhong” in Uyghur language, which is derived from the Turkic word “Kabo”, which means “melon”.

Cantaloupe is known as the “King of Melons” and has a sugar content of about 15%.

Different shapes and unique flavors, some with a creamy flavor and some with a lemon scent, but all have sweet and dense flavors, strange aromas, and are known at home and abroad.

Among the many cantaloupe varieties, “red heart crisp” and “golden dragon” have the best quality.

Cantaloupe is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrition and high in medicinal value.

In addition to fresh melon, cantaloupe can also make dried melon, preserved melon and juice.

Guadi seeds can be used in medicine to treat diseases, and feeding sheep with melon skin can promote fat growth.

Cantaloupe seeds can be used to make essential oils, implant vitamins, beautify, health care, and physiologically active cantaloupe seeds, which are refined by pure physical and cold pressing methods.

With super strong anti-oxidant ability, it is really the best pure natural medicine, beauty, health care, nutritional essential oils, and can be widely used in medicine, beauty, health care, nutrition food and other fields.

The efficacy and role of cantaloupe kiwi vegetable juice The juice of cantaloupe kiwi vegetable juice must be favored by many people. It is already hot in summer, and many people like to drink juice to eliminate the irritability in the body. The benefits it brings to the human body:Promotes digestion, clears lungs and coughs, lowers plasma, and more.

The amino acids in cantaloupe can alleviate fatigue, especially for modern people who need to relieve stress so as to have a good sleep.

Kiwi fruit is very high in vitamin content, it can beautify the skin very well, so that the symptoms of freckles, acne, melanin, etc. on the skin gradually fade away.

Don’t miss it.

Lettuce can lower cholesterol and promote blood circulation, thus enhancing the body’s immunity.

This juice can also moisturize the lungs and is very suitable for summer.

I believe that all of us now have a general understanding of the method of cantaloupe kiwi vegetable juice. In fact, the method of cantaloupe kiwi vegetable juice is relatively simple, so you can deal with it often. Of course, it can also help us prevent cough.Of symptoms.