Work, health, both?

Work, health, both?

With the continuous development of the times and the increasingly fierce social competition, the pressures we need to face are also increasing.

From the beginning of reading, you have to face the pressure of going to the exam, graduated from college, you have to face the pressure of finding a job, and you have to face a variety of pressures such as job tasks in the workplace, relationships, business entertainment, and job competition.

It can be said that since the end of our childhood, we have to start facing various pressures without end.

    The fierce competition makes it impossible for us to relax. Starting from school, it is the competition of examination results among classmates, and the competition of college entrance examinations.

The university is more competitive and it is already a small society.

And after really entering the society and starting work, all kinds of competition are countless.

We have to deal with this competition one after another, we are exhausted, without the opportunity to rest and pant.

All kinds of stress can make us unable to breathe and keep our body in an overloaded working state. If this is the case, can our body not strike?

    The pace of modern social work is fast. Although we also pay more attention to the maintenance and maintenance of our bodies than before, fierce competition and heavy pressure have kept our bodies in a sub-healthy state for a long time.

How should we deal with the frequent reconstruction of the body?

Should it be ignored or should work and health be considered important?

How do you release your stress and keep your body healthy?

    It is true that in such an era, each of us does not dare to relax, and fierce competition makes us lose the fruits of our hard work if we are not careful.

We are careful, sleepless, and hard-working, just to get a job that can support our families, or to get a better job to meet our growing needs.

But if we put our own health into disregard, even if you get the results you want, will you have a healthy body to enjoy your results?

    The so-called body is the capital of the revolution. Without a healthy body, we cannot meet our increasingly heavy work; without a healthy body, all our previous efforts will be meaningless.

Having a healthy body is the foundation of everything we have.

Therefore, when you feel that your body is warning you, please be aware that you should let go and do something good for your health.

Don’t regret it when you lose your health and it is irreparable.

Work is valuable and health is more expensive.