Simple and effective spine exercises

Simple and effective spine exercises

● Side lying rotation: take the side lying position, lower legs straight, upper legs flexed, hands on hips.

The upper body is turned forward and backward, a larger amplitude is better, so that the waist is fully rotated, 3 left and right?
6 times.

  ● Shoulder push-up: Take the supine position, lie flat on the bed, bend your elbows, and put your hands on your chest.

When turning your head to the right, push your right shoulder forward (with your right elbow not leaving the bed).

Turn your head to the tip and push your left shoulder in the same way.
6 times (you can do more if you have morning stiffness or numb hands).

Those with periarthritis should shrug their shoulders, shake their shoulders, and insert pain points into the supraclavicular fossa.

  ● Squeeze the back of the neck: Take the supine position, hold your head with one hand, put the palm of your back on the back of the neck, and squeeze the back of the neck with your 2, 3, and 4 fingers.

When your fingers touch the swollen or bulging vertebral joints, you can pinch more.

Left and right ends from top to bottom, replace 2 from bottom to top?
3 times, until you feel comfortable when you turn your neck from left to right.

  ● Head upright: Take the supine position, taking the right side as an example, holding the back of the head with your left hand, turning your head 30 degrees to the right, holding your jaw with your right palm, pointing your right fingers to your right ears, and using a short force, push your right hand upwardsTo make the head turn to the upper left and correct it, 2?
3 times.

Place your hands in the same way as the front end.

If there is unilateral pain in the head and neck, the healthy side should be done first, then the affected side.

  ● Pull-in and spine-relieving: take the supine position, support the back of the neck pillow with both hands, the lower limbs flex, the heels turn backwards, and the back is slightly lifted away from the bed. Both lower limbs simultaneously force the knees downward and the feet upwardPedal to move your body down with traction.

Because the head is aligned and stabilized with both hands, it can be inserted into the intervertebrae of the neck, thorax and lumbar vertebra, and the vertebrae are widened apart and aligned well.

This method has anti-aging and treatment of spondylosis.

If the pain is more serious, you can do one-leg traction first and pull 2 on each side.
After 3 times, perform double lower limb traction again, 2?
Ended 3 times.

  ● Lie on your back: take a supine position, align your hands with your hands overlapping, and your legs will be straight and comfortable. With your head and sides as the fulcrum, you will lift forward from the bed (inhale at the same time) and put your back on the bed (whileExhale) Breath).

The movements need to be natural, and can be done as appropriate?
100 times.

Beginners stop every 10 times and continue to practice after breathing smoothly.

This method can improve spinal stability and reduce incidence.

  The above six methods can be practiced once a day before getting up in the morning, and every time after practice?
It can be done in 10 minutes.

Once a day in the initial period, after three months, those who are effective can replace 2 a week?
3 times, perseverance.