Tracing to the Source of Difficulties in Employment for College Students

Tracing to the Source of Difficulties in Employment for College Students

In 2009, there were 6.1 million college graduates. In addition, in the past years, there have been more than 7 million college graduates who have replaced employment. This figure does not include graduates from technical schools, technical secondary schools, and private colleges that have not been recruited.

The size of the student army in the job market is unprecedented. Corresponding to this job army, in the context of the financial crisis, a large number of companies have laid off their employees and cut their salaries, recruiting new employees. The current situation of employment difficulties is evident.

  Let ‘s put aside the financial crisis and say that the problem of difficult employment for college students has not been shouted. 2 years ago, 5 years ago, and 7 years ago, the cry of employment difficulties appeared in the media every year, and this call has never been broken.
If this year blame employment for the financial crisis, what about previous years?

Do you have to say that the profession is not the right one, and that the profession is too partial?

  Exploring the source of employment difficulties and finding the door to employment, here is a guide to the employment of college students.

  First, it is difficult for college students to find employment, not a disaster caused by the financial crisis. In recent months, due to the financial crisis, some foreign trade companies have laid off workers, but the main replacement is production front-line workers, which account for a large proportion of layoffs.

Imagine assuming there is no such crisis, assuming that these large companies expand production and expand the recruitment of front-line workers, how many of these college students will choose this occupation and work on the production front.

On the contrary, the occurrence of the financial crisis directly impacted those technical school graduates, who were the difficult households in the job market in the context of the crisis.

  Moreover, not all companies are reducing production in the context of the crisis. There are not a few companies that are expanding against the trend, such as Huang Ming and Galanz. There are still many mainland companies that have not been affected by the financial crisis. As a college student, it is difficult to find a job repeatedly.Don’t direct the direction to the financial crisis. Only by pinpointing the cause can we solve the problem of difficult employment.

  Second, it is difficult for college students to get employment and have little relationship with the major they study. In the professional market, the factors that play a key role in the success of job hunting are not whether the majors are counterparts, or even things other than majors. This is also more important than majors.Certain qualities, certain sensibility and rationality, sometimes sensitivity, such adaptive abilities, etc. These qualities have also been accumulated in the university in recent years.

Speaking of which, are you still frustrated that your profession is not attractive?

  Due to work relations, many college students have been contacted in recent years to discuss their difficulties in employment, and many have talked about majors.

“My major is not easy to find a job, it is too macro.” “The major I studied is too theoretical and has no place to practice.” There are many similar views.

  Some people said to me: I am studying business administration, this major is too macro, and fresh graduate students, who asked me to manage.

I refuted him in this way: First, the professional macro is not the reason for the difficulty in finding a job, and accounting is not macro.

Second, if you are a newly graduated student and no one asks you to manage it, then you have been in vain at universities in recent years. As a grass-roots manager, it is more important to manage affairs.

Too many college students, once they have some management, the first thing that comes to mind is managing people. This should be changed. For most people, management is about managing things.

  The way out of employment has little to do with majors, and some liberal arts majors are simpler.

Expanding your horizons and knowledge, improving your ability to analyze problems, strengthening your ability to adapt to the environment, and building a positive attitude are your magic weapon for job search.

  Third, it is difficult for college students to get employment, and it has little to do with work experience. In the job fair, the requirement of “X years of work experience” can be seen everywhere. College students can’t blame employment difficulty on work experience because others have you, but others you haveNo, although you have no work experience, you have plasticity.

  Too many large companies have campus recruitment every year, and the scale is larger than social recruitment. What they value is the theoretical level and plasticity of college students.

Don’t take your own weaknesses over others’ strengths, as long as you show your strengths, you can still work in the workplace.

  Sadly, the reality allows college students to recognize a little advantage that they themselves do not have. This would have been a good thing, but the advantages that college students should have could not be found, which caused problems.

Enterprises need experience, but they also need theory.

  Once, I was recruited from a well-known financial institution, and a human resources student came to apply. Because I was a student, I randomly asked a few common knowledge in textbooks.

I asked him to learn a certain theory of performance appraisal. The few MBO, 360, KPI, and BSC that came with him couldn’t even answer one. You said, even if he has work experience, can I hire him?

  College students, any work practice requires the guidance of theory, and mastering professional theoretical knowledge is the homework you must do.

Work experience is important, but for the number of college students, theoretical knowledge is more important than experience. Putting down textbooks and mixing up a few days of work experience in the society and then using these days of furry skills to flicker those recruiting managers who read countless people.Is the most worthless.

  Fourth, the difficulty in finding employment for college students is the inevitable result of the lack of career planning. It is a bit late to talk about career planning with graduated students, but it is not too late to make up for it.

Career planning begins as soon as you fill out a voluntary report after the college entrance examination. One of the main reasons for filling out a voluntary report is career planning. You can choose a suitable major if you want to know what career you want to pursue in the future.

I said earlier that majors are not the key to applying for a job, not that everyone can lose their majors. Majors must be selected carefully.

  I’ve seen many people in the job-hunting state. They have college students, and some have changed jobs and changed jobs.

Their common problem is that they are in a confused period of their careers, and they are obviously suitable for what they do.

  I will not talk about the theoretical knowledge of career planning here, let me give an example.

My company is in the property industry, and hiring a security guard is one of the daily tasks.

Every time I go online to open the recruitment page, there will be too many resumes sent, and I find that there are many college students and undergraduates.

I still think in my mind that college students are becoming more and more pragmatic, knowing that it is difficult to find a job, and they are willing to do it all the time. This is a good trend.But the phone call came, but people did n’t come a few times, and occasionally came. After a few words, I found out that his career direction is not here. I thought, since he does n’t want to do this job, he also sent this resumeWell, is it a short-term behavior, looking for a temporary job, and by continuing the conversation, I am disappointed that this resume is not even short-term behavior. Many college students send resumes online, see recruitment, click on the mouse, whateverPositions, resumes flew by, and career goals were almost vacant.

  I have not done any investigation and dare not make false statements. I hope that such college students are in the minority.

After all, such college students are irresponsible for themselves and irresponsible for the company. They are wasting money, time, and their youth.

  College students, make a career plan for themselves as soon as possible, positioning their careers.

Career positioning is not precise, there should always be a direction, with a career anchor, your job search will be targeted.