Yoga is a working white-collar sub-health nemesis

Yoga is a working white-collar sub-health nemesis

The white-collar workers at work now have high work pressure and are easy to get sub-healthy. Frequent relaxation exercises of yoga are helpful to alleviate the tension and fatigue of complications and stay away from sub-health. The specific methods are as follows: 1. Get refreshed in the morning to prepare for work.Brain Exercise Coconut-style: Enlarge the distance between your feet and shoulder width.

Inhale, lift the two fingers, spread your fingers as far as possible, keep your heels off the ground, look above your eyes, and keep 5 breaths.

Exhale and relax.

  Alternate breathing method: Also known as meridian or yin-yang breathing method.

In a simple sitting position, the middle finger of the right index finger resists the forehead, the thumb presses the right nostril, and then sucks with the left nostril first and then exhales, then exchanges the left nostril with the ring finger, first sucks and then exhales with the right nostril, and then inhales right and exhales rightCall left, the above is a round, relax after doing 5 rounds.

  It can help to refresh the mind, invigorate the spirit, increase the concentration, can also relax the leg muscles, eliminate edema, and make the legs and toes slim, which has a very good conditioning effect on smooth excretion.

Especially suitable for teachers who need to work frequently.

  Second, prolong the relaxation of the eyes after gazing at the computer. Practice turning the eyes clockwise in turn, then turning them in the opposite direction, then widen your eyes, look into the distance, and slowly close to rest.

  Close your eyes, rub your hands hard with heat, cover your eyes, and take a deep breath. The abdomen cooperates with inhalation to relax and exhale.

  The tip of one foot can be held on the chair in the beginning, close your eyes, and after a long practice, you can leave the chair with both hands and close your palms.

After 5 breaths, switch left and right.

  Can help restore and maintain the body’s ability to balance, restore physical health, keep the body young; also improve depression and depression.

This training is particularly helpful for the health of the eyes. TV and computer families can do more of this training.

  Third, stretch your hands and feet after intense work to practice lotus fingerprints: a simple sitting posture of yoga (that is, the right heel is held back against the yin, and the left foot is placed in front of the instep to straighten out).The rest of the fingers spread to the ends, the little finger is bent to resist the ring finger), inhale and lift it over the head, and after holding 10 breaths, cooperate with the exhalation hand to slowly relax downwards.

  This exercise stimulates the reflex areas of the upper and lower limbs and guides the body to relax.

  Eagle style (simple): Sitting on a chair, bend your knees, pass your left leg around the right leg from the front, hook your left toe behind your right calf, and bend your arms, with your left elbow on your upper right elbow and your arms around your palms.After holding 5 breaths, swap left and right.

Back-closing position: Sitting position, hands folded behind the back, turning fingertips upwards.

Inhale, raise your head, keep your fingertips close to the back of your head, and hold for 5 breaths.

Exhale and relax.
  It can improve the problems of fast heartbeat, slowness, premature beats, etc., so that you no longer feel chest tightness and discomfort; it can make breathing more smooth and powerful, and maintain vigorous energy.

Girls often do this exercise and also improve the lines of their arms and chest.

The background palm exercise is also suitable for practice after desk work, which can eliminate the tension and stiffness of the shoulders, necks and tails, help the shoulders relax, the boots relax the body, and calm the emotions.

  4. Lion-style exercises to promote digestion after lunch (classic yoga practice, which can eliminate regenerating inflation and snoring): kneel on both knees, step on the toes, step on the heels, stretch your fingers to stretch, stretch your nostrils, Mouth exhale, open your mouth when exhaling, tongue trying to spit down, eyes look up at brows, a “ha” sound in the mouth, relax after doing 5 times.

  Thyroid function seriously affects mood and weight, etc. Some patients with excess disease are caused by hypothyroidism. The above training can effectively improve this type of obesity.

This training is very helpful for white-collar workers who are uncomfortable with the cervical spine. It can also make the neck and neck slim, and it can also delay the aging of the cheek and chin skin.

Maha mudra (stimulates the reflex area of the stomach on both hands to help digestion): the fingers of both hands are facing each other, the thumbs are opposite, the other fingers are bent and offset, and the thumbs are down, keeping 10 breaths relaxed.

  Long-term exercise can coordinate gastrointestinal function, improve nausea, stomach pain, indigestion and other discomfort.

  Fifth, relax the waist and legs before going to work. Reflexology (You can do your own foot massage): Simple sitting position, put your left foot on your right thigh, put your left hand on the left, and use your right elbow to press the left foot.Rub the soles of the feet, the soles of the feet, the heels, and do a left-right swap after 10 breaths.

  Toe relaxation (can relax at the same time): Sitting position, using both hands to alternate the toenails of both feet continuously, and slowly relax after maintaining 10 breaths.

  It can effectively improve the common sense of fatigue in sub-health, regulate anxiety and irritability, relax the nerves, and effectively relax you after a busy day of work.