Men’s emotional updates are always faster than women

Men’s emotional updates are always faster than women

The story of Sarkozy, Bruni and Cecilia: The ex-wife resolutely ended the 11-year marriage, and soon the man met a woman who was similar to the ex-wife and could be challenging. Three months later, they got married by lightning.

and then?

No one knows then.

What can be assured is that the president’s love is very efficient. When the ex-wife and old lover who abandoned him had not had time to determine the wedding date, he had quickly upgraded his new girlfriend into a new wife.

  Men’s emotional renewal speed is always faster than women. Why is it easier for men to find new love than women?

Ask 10 male friends, and at least 8 answers will further confirm the fact that men’s physical needs are greater than women’s.

  Men have also been more decisive in establishing new relationships than women for many years.

Take Nicolas Sarkozy as an example. He never fell in love at first sight at his ex-wife ‘s wedding, or married Bruni Lightning, known as a “boy-eating man,”
which shows that this man with the highest power in the world ‘s most romantic country, Is an out-and-out radical adventurer.

  Wilde said that as long as he does not fall in love with her, men will be very happy with any woman.

Your honest male friend will tell you the reason for this happiness: because of the strange psychology, they have a desire for any unknown female body.

  When they are abandoned by their lovers, the endorphins produced in the love process begin to disappear, the comfort is deprived, the sense of tranquility is destroyed, and pain and anxiety follow.

  At this point, adventure becomes a soothing way and emotional transfer.

In this case, even a woman who is not all over the country can be a treasure island of him.

And if it is a natural stunner who meets a supermodel level?

Mr. President stepped into the legendary magic mountain.

  Men’s love is more efficient?

  ”Men are more efficient than women.

After the break up, the man would go to the bar with friends that night, and found that the new girlfriend might only be one day; and the woman would repeat with the female partner. This process takes at least a few days, and the replacement wastes more time.

“An investment bank friend’s answer was like doing an opportunity cost analysis, and I immediately understood why.

  There were two friends, men and women, who had the same sudden encounter with each other, and their reactions were very different: in less than a week, male friends found a new girlfriend in an unexpected public place; and female friends were in the sistersAfter a month of consolation, the only topic they met was still: “Why did he say that on msn?

“Men will say:” We are more rational “,” We are stronger “,” Quoting with lovers, friends are more important to us “,” Men’s dignity is important “. They only said the first half of the sentence and made a continuation tailAll things come to the fore: “We are more rational-so we don’t waste too much time on unnecessary searches”, “We are stronger-so we recover better”, “Ratio to lover, friends are more important to us-isYes, they will help me find my next lover right away. “” The dignity of men is very important-so our face cannot afford to wait too long “. In short, the subtext is:” We must be efficient, this is a social requirement.

“As far as Sarkozy is concerned, this lightning marriage must be a noble fire rescue-whether as a man or a president.

  It is definitely the same ring that Bruni has with Cecilia, or the Jordanian two who want to make a difference.

It cannot be denied that this private show also has its social considerations.

  At the very least, for Sarkozy’s March visit to Britain, the February marriage was like the French government said: “It’s a good time.

Bruni, 13 years younger than Sarkozy, looks like an updated version of Cecilia, and taking her to drink tea with the well-known British royal family in Windsor Castle is obviously a decent thing.

  In fact, after the star president’s wife and lady stayed at the Elysee Palace, not only had Sarkozy’s taste improved from Rolex to Pat Philip, but also subconsciously helped the women in the palace.

  At the diplomatic banquet of the Elysee Palace, all female politicians in Sarkozy’s cabinet made a beautiful appearance, and they seemed to have the momentum to overpower the first lady.

When various media deliberately put on the same page the Saree Beauty Corps and the gray-faced female opponents from other countries, we suddenly discovered that Sarkozy’s alternation was a man’s face, and it was simply a country’s face.