[Men’s first night may also be red]

[Men’s first night may also be red]

When it comes to redness, many people think of women who have sex for the first time.

But what we want to say today is that the first night will be red, not the woman’s patent. The first night of men may also be red, but it is a proportional replacement.

Today, it will be very out of date at the beginning of the future.

But the bleeding caused by men after sexual intercourse can scare dialysis.

In fact, the amount of bleeding caused by this type of injury is small, so that immediate consultation is also reduced. Of course, the wound healing is not very neat.

The cause of men’s bleeding after intercourse is generally caused by the foreskin being too long and tight or the foreskin strap under the glans is too short and too tight.

If there is a loose foreskin after the penis is erected, this part of the skin can easily bleed due to repeated friction, especially when the vagina is not sufficiently lubricated.

When the foreskin is too long, it often causes glans, foreskin eczema and inflammation, and it is easier to bleed during intercourse.

In addition, the foreskin is too tight at the front end, and the glans still cannot show the head when the penis is erect.

This foreskin is more likely to cause lacerations and bleeding during sexual intercourse.

Sometimes this foreskin will be stuck behind the glans due to excessive force, causing the so-called incarcerated phimosis. The foreskin glans may swell and even necrotic. At this time, it can be solved without bleeding.

At this time, you must treat immediately. If you cannot reset the foreskin, you must cut or remove the foreskin immediately, otherwise there will be unfortunate consequences.