Having eczema does not affect children’s transplant vaccine

Having eczema does not affect children’s transplant vaccine

Ms. Zhang: My baby is 8 months old. I should have been vaccinated against leprosy two times ago. Before I was vaccinated, I ate him some eggs. Then I found that my baby had eczema.

Does the baby have eczema because of egg allergy or hot weather?

Can I get the vaccine because of allergies?

When can it be added at the latest?

Expert: In fact, eczema does not affect the baby’s vaccination, but the key now is to see if the child is allergic to eggs. It is recommended to go to the hospital health department for an allergy test.

In addition, the child may have some gastrointestinal discomfort after eating eggs for the first time, and can be fed again after a while to see if this will happen. Many children’s allergies are transient, not because of allergies.Parents need not worry too much.

It can be adjusted according to the status of the child according to whether the vaccine was injected. However, September and October are the epidemic season of leprosy. In order for the baby to be protected by the vaccine during the epidemic season, it is best to be vaccinated before the season.