6 kinds of fruits can prevent diabetes

6 kinds of fruits can prevent diabetes

What are the fruits that prevent the retina?

What are the fruits that prevent the retina?

  Mango scientific research has found that women who eat more mangoes have the effect of preventing diabetes.

Researchers have studied the polyphenols in mango, especially its biologically active ingredient, tannin (related to the prevention and suppression of cancer).

Tannin is a polyphenol with a bitter taste, which is found in grape seeds and tea.

Studies have found that the cell division cycle is broken by polyphenols.

This may be a mechanism for mango to prevent or inhibit glucose.

  Citrus Citrus fruits such as tangerine, grapefruit, orange, lemon, kumquat, etc., all have vitamin c, which can prevent the formation of nitrosamines, and is suitable for patients with gastric cancer, laryngeal cancer, lung cancer and lung tumors.

  Hawthorn is often used for appetizing digestion and reducing blood lipids.

It can activate blood circulation, reduce stasis and eliminate product, inhibit vitamin growth, and supplement vitamin c, which is convenient for digestive tract and female reproductive system cancers such as gastric cancer and cancer patients.

  Jujube nourish the spleen, stomach, qi and blood, combine B-carotene with vitamin C, B vitamins and so on.

It contains a group of three alkyl compounds as active ingredients for anticancer.

People eat jujube porridge and astragalus jujube to enhance physical fitness and prevent complications.

  Red Apple, Grape Researchers have found that “red skin” fruits and vegetables such as red apples have a role in diabetes.

Scientists have found through experiments that certain plant components contained in “red skin” fruits and vegetables can effectively prevent the growth of proteins in tumor-making cells, and at the same time reduce the ability of tumor cells to respond to estrogen and prevent complications.

Purple grapes also contain the plant

  Kiwi Kiwi is a treasure in fruit. Vitamin C content is 4-12 times that of oranges, 3 times that of apples, and 60 times that of grapes.

Studies have shown that the substances it contains can replace nitrosamine production in the human body, and thus have good anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

  Do you know anything about the fruits that prevent the retina?

Of course, fruits that can prevent high blood pressure are not just these. Eating fruits is not the only way to prevent diabetes. You must also cooperate with a regular life, quit smoking and limit alcohol, give birth to milk in time, and maintain optimism and other measures.

Strategies to help you gain muscle quickly

Strategies to help you gain muscle quickly

In order to get more muscles in the shortest time.

I recommend the following strategies to you: 1.

Use a carnitine acetate (ALC) supplement.


Branched-chain amino acids were implanted during training.


Use appropriate post-training drinks.


Train twice a day.

  The reasons are as follows: First, the use of acetylcarnitine supplement acetylcarnitine was made by the Italians in 1986 and was used to treat diseases.

Like branched-chain amino acids, ALC can prevent the decline in plasma insulin hormone levels associated with large training loads and has a positive effect on insulin insulin hormone levels in the body.

  Practice has shown that supplementing higher doses of ALC before training can also significantly increase strength levels.

It is recommended that 3 grams of ALC be implanted on an empty stomach every morning before breakfast.

  Second, the branched-chain amino acids implanted during training include leucine, isoleucine and valine.


Leucine regulates protein synthesis and helps reduce muscle damage.

As an energy source, leucine is also very effective in saving glucose, so that your muscle glycogen reserve will still exist after training, reducing the recovery time of training.


Branched chain amino acids can promote protein synthesis and help strengthen muscle mass.


Inserting branched chain amino acids during training can increase growth hormone and concentration levels at the same time, which creates a metabolizable and anti-catabolic environment to metabolize muscle mass.


Unlike other amino acids, branched-chain amino acids can be considered energy use by muscle cells.


Studies have shown that the absorption of branched-chain aminocellulose before training can at least help prevent testosterone levels from falling after training, and can increase testosterone levels after training.


The use of branched-chain amino acids during training can significantly reduce muscle pain after training.

  It is recommended to take 0 per kilogram of body weight per day.

44 grams of branched chain amino acids.

For example, a person weighing 90 kg should consume 40 grams of branched chain amino acids per day.

If conditions permit, at least 20 grams should also be absorbed.

  Third, the use of appropriate post-training beverages Since 1982, I have been recommending the use of beverages after training to give nutrients and achieved great success.

I have improved this method in recent years.

Here are my latest suggestions.


Protein: Studies have shown that protein supplementation can multiply protein synthesis and muscle growth after training.

It is recommended that you add a whey protein supplement, because it is the most biovalent to classify with other proteins, it is almost double the egg, and it is quickly absorbed by the body.

The protein dose is 0 per kilogram of lean body mass.
6 grams.

For example, a 90 kg athlete with 10% body fat should have 50 grams of protein after training.


Pound Sterling: Many years ago, I suggested consuming 2 grams of glucose per kilogram of body weight per day.

Over the years, the transformation of scientific research and practical experience has increased, and I find that the amount of replacement inserted after training should be changed to the amount of training.

In other words, the minimum amount of training, the more absorption of attachments.

For example, a squat or deadlift consumes more energy than a curl.

Therefore, the ratio of compound exercises to individual exercises using twisted muscle groups requires more doping.

  The following is the approximate amount of polycarbonate after training based on training volume.

  Do 12-72 times per training, 0 per kilogram of body weight.

6 grams.
73-200 times per training, 0 per kilogram of body weight.

8 grams.

Do 360-450 times per training, 1 per kilogram of body weight.

2 grams.


L glutamine ammonia: The latest research shows that supplementing L glutetamine after training can promote muscle glycogen resynthesis and increase L glutamine ammonia levels in muscle, prevent over training and create anabolic environment.

  Fourth, train twice a day. If time permits and want to increase muscle mass as soon as possible, it is recommended that you train twice a day.

I think this is an accelerated way to build muscle mass and strength.

(It is recommended that friends who want to quickly thicken muscle mass read the famous book “Super Bodybuilding Training . How to Build 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks” by Landstossen.Detailed at least 0 If you can adhere to the following 5 principles, practicing twice a day will be very effective.


Make sure that the training time correction does not count as warm-up time. Your training time should not exceed 40 minutes, and continuous training will be harmful to muscle growth.


Use the proper training sequence.

  In my opinion, the same part should be practiced twice on the same day.

There are two options to choose from: Option A: morning, heavy weight; evening, light weight.

Experience shows that for most people, it is very effective to train with heavy weights in the morning and do a larger number of exercises at night.

For example, do 4-6 times per group in the morning and 12-15 times per group in the evening.

Option B: low frequency, fast in the morning; low frequency, slow in the evening.


Choose appropriate training moves.

  When choosing movements for two training sessions, if you are most concerned with an exercise that uses the most weight, then you can do the same: if you are most concerned with gaining muscle mass, you use different movements.

You must rest 4-6 hours between training sessions.

This is important, if the interval is short, you will be too tired.

However, taking too long breaks makes sense. The activity of the nervous system caused by morning training is reduced.


After training twice a day for two weeks, practice it once a day for a week.

This will ensure that you do not overtrain.

Studies have shown that practicing twice a day for a short period of time may temporarily reduce retinal hormone levels, but after returning to practicing once a day, insulin pill hormones will rise quickly.

I will have my own beauty soup soup in spring_2

I’ll make my own beauty soup soup in spring

Traditional medicine believes that complexion is related to the spleen, such as acne, and acne is due to the dampness and heat of the spleen; butterfly spots are caused by liver stagnation and spleen deficiency; yellow and dull face is a manifestation of spleen deficiency and qi and blood.

In the spring, everything rises, and the human spleen function is also strong. Therefore, the beauty treatment in the spring is to strengthen the spleen and relax the blood or to relax the liver and the spleen.

  Soybean Hericium Mushroom Chicken Soup Chicken 250g, Soybean 150g, Hericium erinaceus 200g, Poria 30g, the right amount of red dates, the right amount of oil and salt.

Wash the chicken and cut into pieces for later use; soak the soybeans in water and wash them for later use; soak the lentinus mushrooms in warm water and cut into thin slices for use; wash the Poria and red dates (coreless) separately; wash the above materials togetherPut it into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil over high heat for 3 hours, using soy bean rot.

It can strengthen the spleen, nourish qi, and remove dampness.

  Jujube pork bone soup with one pork spine, 150 grams of jujube, 100 grams of lotus seeds, 3 grams of woody fragrance, and 10 grams of licorice.

Wash and chop the pig’s spine, pit the jujube and lotus seeds to remove the heart, and wrap the fragrant wood and licorice with gauze.

Put in the same casserole, add the right amount of water, and simmer for 3 hours, then you can eat it in portions.

It is mainly for soup, but also meat, jujube and lotus seeds, which can be taken often.

Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing the spleen and nourishing blood.

  Bird’s Nest Rock Sugar Porridge Take 3 grams of bird’s nest, moderate amount of rock sugar, cook until congee-like and serve.

If you add 5 grams of sweet almonds and cook them together, the beauty effect is better.

Bird’s Nest Rock Sugar Porridge has moisturizing skin, nourishing blood and beauty.

  Longlian Egg Soup 15g longan meat, 50g lotus seed meat, two eggs, two slices of ginger, four dates, except salt.

Steam the eggs over water, remove the shells, and rinse them with water; wash the longan meat, lotus seed meat, ginger, and jujube with water; remove the heart of the lotus seeds and retain the red-brown lotus seed coat; peel the ginger and cut two pieces; datesEnucleated.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the clay pot, first boil it with water and boil it, then add the above ingredients, use a medium heat pot for about two hours, season with salt, and serve.

Dragon lotus egg soup can calm down and calm the skin, nourishing and moisturizing.

  Lily, red date, ginkgo biloba, 50 grams, 10 red dates, 50 grams of ginkgo, 300 grams of beef, two slices of ginger, salt solution.

After washing the fresh beef with boiling water, cut into thin slices; remove the shell of the ginkgo, dip the outer film with water, and then wash with water; wash the lily, red dates and ginger separately with water; remove the seeds from the red dates; peel the ginger, cut twosheet.

Add the right amount of water to the clay pot, first boil it with water and boil the water, add lily, red dates, ginkgo and ginger slices, switch to lily on medium heat until it is cooked, add beef, continue to cook until beef is cooked, and then add saltA little, ready to serve.

Lily, red date and ginkgo biloba have the effects of nourishing blood and nourishing yin, nourishing and nourishing beauty, nourishing lungs and nourishing qi, stopping asthma, and astringent essence.

  Astragalus brown sugar porridge Astragalus 30 grams, 100 grams of rice, 30 grams of brown sugar, 6 grams of peel.

Wash and slice astragalus, put it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook and remove the residue to remove the juice; wash the previous rice, put the tan peel, brown sugar in the pot, and then pour astragalus juice, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook untilRice is ready to serve.

Brown sugar is sweet, warm and moist, has the effect of moistening the heart and lungs, and helps the spleen, soothing liver qi, blood and stasis; Astragalus is sweet and warm, has the effect of solid antiperspirant, and supports the vitality of acne; Chenpi is bitter, bitter, Warm, rational qi and stomach, dryness and phlegm.

This porridge is beneficial for qi and nourishing the face, and is suitable for those who are pale and lacklustre caused by weak blood and qi.

  Jujube porridge takes 60 grams of previous rice and 10 jujubes. Add jujube to the previous rice and cook until the porridge is rotten.

Jujube is rich in vitamin E. Jujube porridge is often eaten, which can make people look rosy and radiant.

  Beauty porridge 100g white rice, 1200ml chicken soup, 3g chuanxiong, 10g angelica, 5g astragalus, 2g safflower.

Wash the rice, soak it in water; Angelica, Chuanxiong, Astragalus cut into thin slices, and put them in a small cloth bag with safflower; put the rice and medicine in a small cloth bag, add chicken soup, and boil with moderate water over high heat, Boil over low heat, remove the bag and serve.

The traditional Chinese medicine based on Gufang Siwu Decoction is added to this porridge. It is taken 1-2 times a day, and it is taken while warm. It can improve body function, increase female skin and skin moisturization, tenderness, and prevent and treat.Diseases that affect beauty are good.

Prepare a pyjama for eye skin

Prepare a “pyjama” for eye skin

Beauty experts have been emphasizing the need for time-sharing maintenance. The methods and emphasis of day and night maintenance are different.
The same is true for fragile eye skin, and day and night eye care is very different.
If you still only prepare a bottle of eye cream to “bring up” your bright eyes, then you are out of your mind ~ For women, daily maintenance procedures have become a “ritual” of daily life.
However, it is strange that today, face care has become common sense, and many women take it for granted that there will always be only one bottle of eye cream on the makeup table.
  In fact, if you look at the trend of new eye products in recent years, you can see that the concept of “time-sharing maintenance” has quietly extended from the face to the eye maintenance: daily eye cream with SPF value is not uncommon, the eyeSpecial sunscreens are also on the rise.
  The claim that eye creams and essences designed specifically for night-time eye repairs has continued to contribute to the trend of “day and night hours” maintenance of the eyes, and announced the “day and night hours” maintenance of the eyes in the most convincing way.With the advent of the times, let your eyes start to have “pyjamas” too!
  Eye skin is only 0.
35 mm thick, without fat cells, and withstands tens of thousands of daily blinks. The eyes are also the most delicate and fragile skin on the face.
  The environment they face during the day and night is different, and their physiological conditions are different. Of course, the maintenance required should also be different.
Just like the face, the mission of daytime eye care is “defense”, so sun protection, moisturizing and anti-oxidation have also become important goals of daytime eye care products.
  The night is the prime time for the skin to absorb nutrients, so adding more nourishing ingredients to the tired eye skin for a day to get soothing care becomes the highlight of night eye care products.
  However, do n’t get me wrong, entering the age of “night and day” maintenance of the eye does not mean that extra and stronger nutrients are needed for the eyes. In fact, for thin skin, the pursuit of simplicityEffective maintenance can avoid more burden.
  The “Day and Night Time” maintenance may make your makeup table more crowded, but it will make your eyes receive proper care no matter during the day or at night.
  ”1 + 1″ day and night combination eye care products can be regarded as the most loyal followers of the eye “day and night time” maintenance concept.
According to the different demands of the eyes during the day and night, the combination forms are diversified.
  Compared to single eye cream maintenance, this combination type of care products is more targeted.
Especially for people who are not sure about their own matching, this kind of ready-made “day and night time and hour” combination products are even more worry-free choice.
  Don’t get tangled with questions like “Does your eye need sun protection?”
If you have n’t extended your sunscreen to your eyes, it only means that your “day care” of your eyes has lost most of your “position”.
  You have to know that in order to defend the delicate eye skin during the day, the focus is on “defending” external aggression, and because the eye skin is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays, sun protection has become the first necessity for daytime eye protection.
  At the same time, for easy-to-dry eye skin, moisturizing is also the focus of day care.
The refreshing oil-free eye gel products have high water content, without any burden to use, and are very suitable for primer before makeup.
In addition, eye products with brightening effects can make your eyes shine all day long.
  As night falls, the tired eyes also yearn for the most comfortable relaxation and care.
At night, the eye skin enters deep repair from the protective state during the day, and the horny layer will lose a lot of water. Therefore, the night maintenance should focus on soothing and calming, stimulating collagen regeneration and moisturizing.
  Gentle and thorough cleansing is the basis of night eye maintenance; and eye cream with rich texture and high oil content is more suitable for night use. Don’t worry about the production of fat particles. The key is the amount and method.
  Cover your eyes with a hot, wet towel before going to bed, and then apply eye care products to help blood circulation in the eyes.
Applying eye cream daily with eye massage is the best way to soothe the eyes.
  Estee Lauder Platinum Essence Pet Eye Contour Combination (Day 15ML + Night 4ML) Counter Price: 3200 yuan
Eye Gel Cream is perfectly matched with exotic essential oils. It works 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day to defend and defend the delicate skin of the eyes.
  唯(Vie) 24小时全方位眼部护理凝胶 (日7ML+夜7ML)   VIE旗舰店价格:185元   由瑞士顶级医学美容实验室研制,以细胞活化能力为基础,注重眼周肌肤的保湿、滋润, Activation, whitening, anti-aging, wrinkle removal, effectively eliminate the trouble of dark circles, bags under the eyes, 24 hours a full range of care for delicate skin around the eye cells.
Is the best partner to prevent the first wrinkles on the eyes!
  (Vie) 24-hour comprehensive eye care gel, dual day and night eye care design, very convenient!
In the morning, use the “full sober eye gel” rich in plant extracts to effectively reduce dark circles and quickly reduce swelling. At night, use the “beautiful sleep eye cream” with pure natural moisturizing ingredients to smoothen the skin and reduce fine lines.Eye skin.
  纪梵希(GIVENCHY) 完美活肤全效眼霜(日10ml+夜10ml)   专柜价格:1080元   白金级青春驻颜日夜眼部护理组”这款功效完备的日夜分工型眼部保养品,从效能到质地,All take into account the absorption of skin cells around the eyes at different times!
  During the day, the fresh gel essence can quickly tighten the bags under the eyes, making the dim eye circles glow at night; at night, the softening repair lotion immediately soothes and repairs the skin, leaving the eye muscles dry and sensitive, and the texture relaxation alarm is quickly removed.
  Beautiful bright eyes “eat” different nourishment during the day and night, of course, can meet the most immediate physiological needs of the skin, accurately eliminate all imperfections, and achieve impeccable all-round eye care goals.
  倩碧 (CLINIQUE) 超凡嫩白晶莹亮采双重护理眼霜 (日15ML+夜7ML)   专柜价格:380   两步骤眼部护理产品,独特双瓶一体的设计,针对不同时段,有效保护并提亮娇嫩眼部肌肤.   Extraordinary whitening and brightening eye nourishing cream 15ml, effectively diminishes dark circles, calms and soothes the skin, repairs natural moisturizing protective film and enhances skin immunity, lastingly brightens skin around the eyes; suitable for all skin types

  Extraordinary whitening and brightening eye cream SPF15 / PA ++ 7ml, it can resist the sun and environmental damage during the day, and it can effectively protect the skin and restore the dull complexion. It is suitable for all skin types.

  Every morning, use Ultra Whitening Brightening Eye Moisturizing Cream, and then use Ultra Whitening Brightening Eye Moisturizing Cream.

In the evening, use the super tender and bright white nourishing eye cream.

  LANEIGE Snow Concentrate Double Repair Eye Cream (15ML Day + Night 15ML) Special counter price: 565 Double care for eye skin with early and early symptoms for the first time, creating a luminous, smooth skin eye anti-aging repair cream.

  Phytosphingosine, an enzyme ingredient, protects the eye skin during external stimuli, promotes skin circulation, fights back dullness, and brightens the eye skin.

  Xue Ning Newborn Dual Repair Eye Cream SPF25 / PA ++ (Daily): Isolates UV rays and prevents photo-aging of the eye skin.

The dextran ingredient helps soothe tiredness and tension in the eyes and gives elasticity and vitality to the eye skin.

  Xue Ning Double Eye Treatment (Night Use): Concentrated with Nourishing Ingredients

枸杞 soaking water is simple and convenient!

But pay attention to it, don’t eat it like this!

枸杞 soaking water is simple and convenient!
But pay attention to it, don’t eat it like this!

Nowadays, the most popular method of keeping health is to use the tweezers to soak in the water. It is a good way to keep a lot of sputum every day.

It is a food and medicine dual-use ingredient that contains a variety of health effects, such as nourishing the liver, nourishing blood, beauty, etc. It is of great help to people’s health.

The benefits of drinking water are as follows: Liver: The sputum is rich in scorpion polysaccharide, which is a kind of supplemented polysaccharide, which has the function of improving liver immunity and promoting liver cell repair, thereby achieving the function of nourishing liver and protecting liver.
Weight loss: The betaine content in the sputum is also very rich. It can promote the metabolism of the liver and inhibit the deposition of adults in the body, which is to promote the metabolism of adults and achieve the effect of losing weight.

Phospholipids supplement blood: sputum is a red food with qi and blood.

In fact, because the sputum is rich in iron and vitamins, it is beneficial to promote the production of hemoglobin and achieve the effect of tonifying blood.

Nourishing blood vessels: blood vessels are most afraid of oxidation, and oxidation represents aging.

Carotene contained in sputum, also yellow is a good antioxidant, which can effectively prevent vascular oxidation.

Chinese medicine Diane Shen: The rutin, betaine, etc. contained in the wolfberry have the effect of calming the nerves and reducing the dryness. It is suitable for those who suffer from insomnia and violent temper because of their age, especially menopausal women.

The role of scorpion soaking in water is far more than just these, but it is also hungry to drink water and drink.

Here are a few ways to do this. If you don’t pay attention, you can drink it.

枸杞With Figure 1, 枸杞 is a warm-food food that can tonify blood, but it is not suitable for people with high blood pressure, fever, and colds.

2, scorpion is food, not a drug, insist on eating every day will be effective, but can not eat too much every day, will get angry.

3, sputum contains more sugar, people who precipitate diabetes should not eat.

4, the scorpion can be compared with other ingredients to eat, such as red dates.

However, the specific circumstances should be specific, it is best to ask professionals before the match.

Elderly drug safety and safety Raiders

Elderly drug safety and safety Raiders

Geriatric health care has become a problem that has been widely studied in society and is receiving increasing attention.

Due to the aging of the population, many diseases occur with age, and people are sick, especially chronic diseases.

Therefore, it is common for older people to use multiple drugs at the same time. It is not uncommon to use 3-4 drugs and more than 10 kinds.

Most people think that taking more medicines is more natural. However, when multiple drugs are used at the same time, the interaction will affect the therapeutic effect, and some will have some adverse reactions.

Therefore, the elderly should also pay attention to their rationality, otherwise they will increase their mental and physical burdens.

  First of all, we must understand the physiological characteristics of the elderly. Because of its natural aging, the functional state of the organs of the body and the physiological functions have changed. Compared with their former and young people, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics also have their own characteristics.The conventional dose is not suitable. It should be small dose, or start from a small dose, and gradually adjust according to the patient’s reaction to ensure the safety of medication.

The recommended amount is 1/3 of the adult; others recommend reducing 10% for those over 65 years old, 20% for those over 75 years old, and 30% for those over 85 years old. Individuals in individual cases may not be able to do it individually.
  The first is to clearly define the purpose of treatment before it is clear.

Geriatric patients should be based on their current physical conditions, that is, what is the main contradiction, that is, what is the center of treatment.

In some cases, medication may not be beneficial. For example, calf edema is more common in the elderly, and sometimes no specific cause can be detected. At this time, if the diuretic is given, it may not be able to improve, and may cause other problems.

Older people, because of their old age, usually have more sitting and less activity. Most of the calf edema is physiological. After the rest at night, it can be improved. It may be beneficial to increase the activity properly.

For example, patients with mild blood pressure increase do not need medication at all; some blood pressure and blood pressure are caused by sleep or bad mood, and blood pressure lowering drugs do not solve the problem.

  Once again, it is good to cooperate with doctors and patients.

The doctor should explain the condition to the patient clearly. The doctor should try to reduce the type of medication and simplify the method of taking the medicine. The patient should understand the doctor and take the medicine strictly according to the doctor’s advice.

  In short, although medication for the elderly is a complicated problem, I hope that you can learn a little about the common sense of medicine, learn to observe the efficacy, side effects and toxic reactions, and if necessary, reduce a certain medicine or add a certain medicine to facilitate the best use of the medicine.The therapeutic effect, the toxic side effects are excluded to a minimum.

To know that the human body is tolerant to drugs, some drugs are not suitable for long-term use.

Should be replaced according to the condition of the treatment, using intermittent, alternating methods.

First take the diet, and then use the old saying: “It is a drug three-point poison”, so you can use the diet first to use diet, this is a double-double.

For example, drinking ginger brown sugar water can treat cold and cold.

After the diet is still not effective, consider using physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and other methods, and finally choose to use medication.

The use of traditional Chinese medicine, followed by Western medicine is mostly a natural medicine, its toxicity and complications are generally smaller than Western medicine, unless it is effective to use Western medicine.

Older people often suffer from chronic diseases or old roots. Under normal circumstances, it is best to take Chinese medicine for conditioning.

For additional use, after oral administration to reduce the toxicity of drugs to the body, diseases that can be treated with external drugs, some skin diseases, gingivitis, sprains, etc. can be first detoxified with external application, swelling, it is best not to take anti-inflammatory drugs.

First use internal medicine, after injection, some middle-aged people want to inject an injection when they are sick, thinking that the injection is so fast, it is not.

The pharmacist flows through the bloodstream and finally enters the heart, directly endangering the blood vessel wall and heart.

Therefore, if the drug can be relieved by internal medicine, it is not necessary to use an injection.

First use medicine, then add with new drugs, new drugs, special medicines continue to emerge, generally have a unique effect in some aspects, but due to the shortened application time, its shortcomings and side effects, especially long-term complications have not been recognized by othersNew drugs that can’t stand the test of time and are finally eliminated are not uncommon.

Therefore, it is best to use Chinese and Western medicines when the elderly are sick. It is really necessary to use new and special medicines, especially when it comes to imported medicines.

Women often wear slings to premature aging of the cervical spine

Women often wear slings to premature aging of the cervical spine

Chen Zhuanghong, director of the Orthopedics Department of Wuhan General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region, said that young women are wearing slings, but this fashion is not good for the health of the cervical spine, especially those with symptoms of premature aging in the cervical spine, which will accelerate complications.

  Because the suspenders have only a thin string around the neck, wearing such clothes for a long time will lead to involuntary forward yielding, muscle tension, blockage, tissue damage, resulting in imbalance in dynamic balance, a long time, the cervical spineAccelerating the degeneration on the basis of the initial physiological degeneration, eventually leading to fractured vertebral body hyperplasia, intervertebral disc degeneration, ligament calcification, etc., which stimulate or compress the adjacent nerve root blood vessels to increase the burden on the cervical spine.

  In addition, wearing a camisole is susceptible to cold, especially when working in an air-conditioned office in summer. Wearing a camisole or a low collar is also an important factor causing cervical spondylosis.

Eating more potatoes is good for your stomach

Eating more potatoes is good for your stomach

Potato is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Western countries.

Potatoes are rich in B vitamins and high-quality cellulose, which play an important role in delaying the aging process of the human body.

The plasma fiber and sucrose in potatoes help digestive tract cancers and control cholesterol levels in the blood, and the mucoproteins in them can prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce the risk of stroke.

Nutrition experts point out that eating one potato a day can reduce the risk of stroke by 40%.


hzh {display: none; }  能减肥  吃土豆不必担心脂肪过剩,因为它只含有0.1% of aunts, eating more potatoes every day can reduce the replacement of aunts and make the excess aunts gradually be metabolized by the body.

In recent years, a series of unique potato diet restaurants have emerged in Italy, Italy, Spain, the United States, Canada, Russia and other countries, thus replacing the daily needs of bodybuilding and weight-loss people.

  Chinese medicine believes that the potato can reconcile the stomach, strengthen the spleen and replenish qi, and can prevent probiotics in the treatment of gastric ulcers, habitual constipation and other diseases, and it also has the effect of detoxification and inflammation.

What fish is good for spring health

What fish is good for spring health

What fish to eat in spring

At this time, the fish is plump and possessed, and the content of various amino acids in the body increases and the content is balanced, so the fish tastes more delicious.

So what kind of fish should a baby eat in spring?

  Sea fish is the first to be found in sea fish. The trace content of sea fish is higher than that of ordinary samples, and most of them are unsaturated fatty acids, which can lower cholesterol, enhance skin surface cell vitality, and make skin delicate and smooth.

  The scales and silvery-white oily layer of the zebrafish also contain an anti-cancer component, 6-thioguanine, which is beneficial for adjuvant treatment of leukemia, gastric cancer, and lymphoma.

  Carassius auratus is also rich in magnesium, which has a good protective effect on the cardiovascular system and can prevent hypertension and myocardial infarction.

At the same time, the fish has less fat spines and delicious taste, which is very suitable for children and those who are afraid of fish spines.

  The sturgeon in the river fish river fish is also a good food for spring tonic.

Fish is characterized by comprehensive nutrients, high sugar content, low traces, rich in protein, multiple vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids necessary for the body, so it is both tender and not fatty.

Eating catfish is no longer good for fitness, it also helps lower blood pressure and blood fat, and makes people live longer.

Maternal consumption of catfish can not only increase nutrition, but also effectively promote milk.

  The nutritional composition of marine fish and freshwater fish is the same. In general, deep-sea fish has relatively high nutritional value, unsaturated molecular weight, minerals such as iodine, selenium, manganese and vitamin A, vitamin D is more.

  Despite the high nutritional value of fish, different cooking methods have a significant impact on nutrient absorption.

Fresh fish is best steamed, stewed or braised, because it can preserve the fish’s true color and taste, and the meat is delicious, resulting in the loss of nutrients.

It is best not to fry, fry, or roast, otherwise the other will destroy nutrition and will add a lot of harmful substances.

  Fish that live in nature will be contaminated by bacteria or water to some extent, so when cooking, be sure to cook thoroughly and never eat raw.

It is generally recommended that adults eat fish 2-3 times a week, 2-3 times each time, at least once.


Beautiful and excellent yoga moves

Beautiful and excellent yoga moves

Many people must have experience of high blood pressure pain and discomfort, especially contemporary OL who often work at desk, often feel muscle aches and stiffness, and severely may have shoulder disease.

Let’s start with the weight, pay attention to the health of our body details, and through appropriate exercise, let them relax, reduce pain, stiffness, fatigue, make them more powerful and increase flexibility, so that you will feel relaxed every day.

  Step 1: Help relax the neck and shoulder muscles, sit cross-legged and relax on the ground, pay attention to the natural back and back, with your hands pointing upwards, inhale deeply, push your shoulders upwards, allow the lowering, feel the clavicle exposed, and hold for 5 seconds.Exhale and slowly sink the retina straight forward.

  STEP2: Activate the cervical spine to maintain a sitting position, put your hands together into the chest, inhale, slowly tilt your head backwards, feel the alignment line trying to extend backward, hold for 5 seconds, exhale, and slowly lower your head forward, Close your eyes.

  Step 3: Stand upright, straighten your legs and sit forward. Bend one knee and place it in the center of the body. Place the other foot against the outside of the bent knee and straighten up.Above, eyes look straight ahead, hold for 5 seconds, feel that the top pulls the cervical vertebra to tilt upwards, slowly lower your head, try to use chin to stick instead.

  Step 4: Increase the softness of weight and lie flat on your back, pay attention to the shoulders, hips, and heels, tighten your insteps, bend your legs, hold your hands, and press your legs firmly against your chest and abdomen. After a pause of 5 seconds, gentlyRaise your head and use your chin as close to the curved area as possible.

Change the other leg and repeat this step to make another set.

  Step 5: Slightly tremble the neck and lie down, support your hands on the tibia, stretch your hands into the two ends of the tibia, twist and straighten, support your upper body, and tilt your head forward and backward. Feel that the hindbrain is about to fit the spine.After 5 seconds, the head returned to the natural position, slowly turned gradually, and both eyes looked at the heel.

For another point, repeat this step to make a full set.

  PS: Five sets of steps, which can be exercised 6 times a day, often adhere to this, not only has the enviable upright sexy, but also away from the accompanying sequelae brought by OFFICE.