Practice yoga under the boss’s eyelids


Practice yoga under the boss’s eyelids

What beats the office killer, yoga is a good idea.

It would be perfect to be able to pull open the table and chairs in the office and practice yoga while working.

  When it comes to yoga, most people will have such a scene in their minds: The Wizard of Oz or the sea breeze, the beautiful back of the practitioners in yoga clothes, the music is soothing and gentle, and with the long breath, they gradually walk freely.Become quiet and indifferent, forgetting to worry about drifting to an empty place where heaven and man are one.
Such a scenario does not appear in the office, but why not try the more convenient “office yoga”?

  The so-called “Office Yoga” is a yoga movement specially designed for Du Lala decompression and fitness in the target sport, which is very different from traditional yoga.

The movements are simple, scientific and reasonable. They are mainly aimed at the prevention of common “office syndrome” and can also help relieve work stress.

The most important thing is that in the office, you can easily practice by repeating equipment such as tables and chairs.

You don’t need to change into a regular yoga suit, as long as it is more relaxed casual clothes, you can start practicing.

  A refreshing, ready-to-work action requires: hands clasped with fingers, put on the chin.

Inhale deeply, open your arms to both sides, and face the front of the back of your hand; exhale, fall down, touch your elbows, push your head backwards with the strength of your arms, and try to bring your back to the shoulder blades.

{做4――6个回合} 吸气,回正头部;呼气,双手掌微用力将头部向下按压,使下巴贴锁骨,保持2―3次呼吸;吸气,回正头部.
Place your right hand around the top of your head and stick to your left ear. Exhale and press your left ear towards your right shoulder. Inhale and return to the head.

Place your left hand around the top of your head and stick to your right ear, exhale, and press your right ear towards your left shoulder; inhale and return to the head.

Finally, maintain a smooth breathing, slowly turn your head, one in each direction.

  Efficacy: Cooperating with breathing exercises for the head, it can make the brain and body quickly and adequately nourish, make the cervical spine flexible and refreshing.

  B Head movement + ear massage action should be: inhale, unfold ten fingers high above the head, the back of the hand trying to flip backwards; exhale, squeeze your hands with your fists and press your wrists downwards.

Do it back and forth 10 times.

Put your hands on your shoulders lightly, inhale and raise your head, expand forward, upward, and backward, the shoulder blades try to touch; exhale, lower your head, and touch your elbows against your chest.

Sit at the front of the chair, with your back straight, inhale, flat on both sides, extend your hands to both sides indefinitely, and then hold for 5-6 breaths.

Grasp the chair armrest with your right hand around the body, grab the back of the chair with your left hand, use your hands to exhale, and twist the spine backwards.

Inhale, return to your body, exhale, and reverse.

  Efficacy: Flexible shoulders, relieve periarthritis.

Flexible column to prevent waist and back pain.

Prevent calf fractures and hypertension, prevent lactic acid accumulation in the knees, and improve knee joint rheumatism.

  C working gap, stretching hands and feet, moving fingers, wrists, shoulders, vertical cross, twisted ridges, and foot-hook-and-foot movements. Make sure to sit in two-thirds of the chair, backrest, and grab the side of the chairKeep your legs elevated and the chair level, stay for 10 breaths, and then keep breathing smoothly, don’t hold your breath, legs cycle like a bicycle from top to bottom, the time depends on each person’s physical fitness.

After a short break, step on the animation circle in the opposite direction.

  Efficacy: Improves insufficient blood supply to the heel and heel, strengthens abdominal and leg muscles, burns excess belly and leg, and eliminates flatulence.

  D Promote digestion and relax Eyes step by step Lotus + Forehead + Snake-neck and Downward dog movements: Close your eyes, thumb and forefinger, pinch your eyes to the acupoints for half a minute; rub your temples with your thumbs, and press the top of the other four fingersAround Baihui Point, half a minute.

Don’t rush to open your eyes, rub your hands quickly, put your palms on your eyes, warm your eyes with a hot palm, and promote blood circulation in the eyes;Circle, circle in the opposite direction, 10 back and forth, and then slowly loosen your hands to allow the eyes to adapt to the surrounding light.

  Efficacy: Protects eyesight, relieves dry eyes, and prevents congestion of eye fatigue.

  E relaxed waist and legs, looking forward to work auspicious sitting variant + dancer style + half-moon style and straight hanging Yunfan movement order: sitting on a chair, knees bent, feet feet facing each other, relax cheekbones, exhale, elbow flexion,The upper body leans forward to the limit, maintains the body position, inhales and raises the head, extends the entire back, stays for 5-6 breaths, inhales again, and the head drives the body back up to the right side; hands are raised above the top of the head, and the cheekbones feel stable towardSit down, the remaining spine segments extend axially upwards, eyes facing forward.

  Efficacy: It has a special effect on stimulating the roots of the spine, improves humpback, and treats hemorrhoids caused by sedentary.

Yoga is a working white-collar sub-health nemesis

Yoga is a working white-collar sub-health nemesis

The white-collar workers at work now have high work pressure and are easy to get sub-healthy. Frequent relaxation exercises of yoga are helpful to alleviate the tension and fatigue of complications and stay away from sub-health. The specific methods are as follows: 1. Get refreshed in the morning to prepare for work.Brain Exercise Coconut-style: Enlarge the distance between your feet and shoulder width.

Inhale, lift the two fingers, spread your fingers as far as possible, keep your heels off the ground, look above your eyes, and keep 5 breaths.

Exhale and relax.

  Alternate breathing method: Also known as meridian or yin-yang breathing method.

In a simple sitting position, the middle finger of the right index finger resists the forehead, the thumb presses the right nostril, and then sucks with the left nostril first and then exhales, then exchanges the left nostril with the ring finger, first sucks and then exhales with the right nostril, and then inhales right and exhales rightCall left, the above is a round, relax after doing 5 rounds.

  It can help to refresh the mind, invigorate the spirit, increase the concentration, can also relax the leg muscles, eliminate edema, and make the legs and toes slim, which has a very good conditioning effect on smooth excretion.

Especially suitable for teachers who need to work frequently.

  Second, prolong the relaxation of the eyes after gazing at the computer. Practice turning the eyes clockwise in turn, then turning them in the opposite direction, then widen your eyes, look into the distance, and slowly close to rest.

  Close your eyes, rub your hands hard with heat, cover your eyes, and take a deep breath. The abdomen cooperates with inhalation to relax and exhale.

  The tip of one foot can be held on the chair in the beginning, close your eyes, and after a long practice, you can leave the chair with both hands and close your palms.

After 5 breaths, switch left and right.

  Can help restore and maintain the body’s ability to balance, restore physical health, keep the body young; also improve depression and depression.

This training is particularly helpful for the health of the eyes. TV and computer families can do more of this training.

  Third, stretch your hands and feet after intense work to practice lotus fingerprints: a simple sitting posture of yoga (that is, the right heel is held back against the yin, and the left foot is placed in front of the instep to straighten out).The rest of the fingers spread to the ends, the little finger is bent to resist the ring finger), inhale and lift it over the head, and after holding 10 breaths, cooperate with the exhalation hand to slowly relax downwards.

  This exercise stimulates the reflex areas of the upper and lower limbs and guides the body to relax.

  Eagle style (simple): Sitting on a chair, bend your knees, pass your left leg around the right leg from the front, hook your left toe behind your right calf, and bend your arms, with your left elbow on your upper right elbow and your arms around your palms.After holding 5 breaths, swap left and right.

Back-closing position: Sitting position, hands folded behind the back, turning fingertips upwards.

Inhale, raise your head, keep your fingertips close to the back of your head, and hold for 5 breaths.

Exhale and relax.
  It can improve the problems of fast heartbeat, slowness, premature beats, etc., so that you no longer feel chest tightness and discomfort; it can make breathing more smooth and powerful, and maintain vigorous energy.

Girls often do this exercise and also improve the lines of their arms and chest.

The background palm exercise is also suitable for practice after desk work, which can eliminate the tension and stiffness of the shoulders, necks and tails, help the shoulders relax, the boots relax the body, and calm the emotions.

  4. Lion-style exercises to promote digestion after lunch (classic yoga practice, which can eliminate regenerating inflation and snoring): kneel on both knees, step on the toes, step on the heels, stretch your fingers to stretch, stretch your nostrils, Mouth exhale, open your mouth when exhaling, tongue trying to spit down, eyes look up at brows, a “ha” sound in the mouth, relax after doing 5 times.

  Thyroid function seriously affects mood and weight, etc. Some patients with excess disease are caused by hypothyroidism. The above training can effectively improve this type of obesity.

This training is very helpful for white-collar workers who are uncomfortable with the cervical spine. It can also make the neck and neck slim, and it can also delay the aging of the cheek and chin skin.

Maha mudra (stimulates the reflex area of the stomach on both hands to help digestion): the fingers of both hands are facing each other, the thumbs are opposite, the other fingers are bent and offset, and the thumbs are down, keeping 10 breaths relaxed.

  Long-term exercise can coordinate gastrointestinal function, improve nausea, stomach pain, indigestion and other discomfort.

  Fifth, relax the waist and legs before going to work. Reflexology (You can do your own foot massage): Simple sitting position, put your left foot on your right thigh, put your left hand on the left, and use your right elbow to press the left foot.Rub the soles of the feet, the soles of the feet, the heels, and do a left-right swap after 10 breaths.

  Toe relaxation (can relax at the same time): Sitting position, using both hands to alternate the toenails of both feet continuously, and slowly relax after maintaining 10 breaths.

  It can effectively improve the common sense of fatigue in sub-health, regulate anxiety and irritability, relax the nerves, and effectively relax you after a busy day of work.

Having eczema does not affect children’s transplant vaccine

Having eczema does not affect children’s transplant vaccine

Ms. Zhang: My baby is 8 months old. I should have been vaccinated against leprosy two times ago. Before I was vaccinated, I ate him some eggs. Then I found that my baby had eczema.

Does the baby have eczema because of egg allergy or hot weather?

Can I get the vaccine because of allergies?

When can it be added at the latest?

Expert: In fact, eczema does not affect the baby’s vaccination, but the key now is to see if the child is allergic to eggs. It is recommended to go to the hospital health department for an allergy test.

In addition, the child may have some gastrointestinal discomfort after eating eggs for the first time, and can be fed again after a while to see if this will happen. Many children’s allergies are transient, not because of allergies.Parents need not worry too much.

It can be adjusted according to the status of the child according to whether the vaccine was injected. However, September and October are the epidemic season of leprosy. In order for the baby to be protected by the vaccine during the epidemic season, it is best to be vaccinated before the season.

Tracing to the Source of Difficulties in Employment for College Students

Tracing to the Source of Difficulties in Employment for College Students

In 2009, there were 6.1 million college graduates. In addition, in the past years, there have been more than 7 million college graduates who have replaced employment. This figure does not include graduates from technical schools, technical secondary schools, and private colleges that have not been recruited.

The size of the student army in the job market is unprecedented. Corresponding to this job army, in the context of the financial crisis, a large number of companies have laid off their employees and cut their salaries, recruiting new employees. The current situation of employment difficulties is evident.

  Let ‘s put aside the financial crisis and say that the problem of difficult employment for college students has not been shouted. 2 years ago, 5 years ago, and 7 years ago, the cry of employment difficulties appeared in the media every year, and this call has never been broken.
If this year blame employment for the financial crisis, what about previous years?

Do you have to say that the profession is not the right one, and that the profession is too partial?

  Exploring the source of employment difficulties and finding the door to employment, here is a guide to the employment of college students.

  First, it is difficult for college students to find employment, not a disaster caused by the financial crisis. In recent months, due to the financial crisis, some foreign trade companies have laid off workers, but the main replacement is production front-line workers, which account for a large proportion of layoffs.

Imagine assuming there is no such crisis, assuming that these large companies expand production and expand the recruitment of front-line workers, how many of these college students will choose this occupation and work on the production front.

On the contrary, the occurrence of the financial crisis directly impacted those technical school graduates, who were the difficult households in the job market in the context of the crisis.

  Moreover, not all companies are reducing production in the context of the crisis. There are not a few companies that are expanding against the trend, such as Huang Ming and Galanz. There are still many mainland companies that have not been affected by the financial crisis. As a college student, it is difficult to find a job repeatedly.Don’t direct the direction to the financial crisis. Only by pinpointing the cause can we solve the problem of difficult employment.

  Second, it is difficult for college students to get employment and have little relationship with the major they study. In the professional market, the factors that play a key role in the success of job hunting are not whether the majors are counterparts, or even things other than majors. This is also more important than majors.Certain qualities, certain sensibility and rationality, sometimes sensitivity, such adaptive abilities, etc. These qualities have also been accumulated in the university in recent years.

Speaking of which, are you still frustrated that your profession is not attractive?

  Due to work relations, many college students have been contacted in recent years to discuss their difficulties in employment, and many have talked about majors.

“My major is not easy to find a job, it is too macro.” “The major I studied is too theoretical and has no place to practice.” There are many similar views.

  Some people said to me: I am studying business administration, this major is too macro, and fresh graduate students, who asked me to manage.

I refuted him in this way: First, the professional macro is not the reason for the difficulty in finding a job, and accounting is not macro.

Second, if you are a newly graduated student and no one asks you to manage it, then you have been in vain at universities in recent years. As a grass-roots manager, it is more important to manage affairs.

Too many college students, once they have some management, the first thing that comes to mind is managing people. This should be changed. For most people, management is about managing things.

  The way out of employment has little to do with majors, and some liberal arts majors are simpler.

Expanding your horizons and knowledge, improving your ability to analyze problems, strengthening your ability to adapt to the environment, and building a positive attitude are your magic weapon for job search.

  Third, it is difficult for college students to get employment, and it has little to do with work experience. In the job fair, the requirement of “X years of work experience” can be seen everywhere. College students can’t blame employment difficulty on work experience because others have you, but others you haveNo, although you have no work experience, you have plasticity.

  Too many large companies have campus recruitment every year, and the scale is larger than social recruitment. What they value is the theoretical level and plasticity of college students.

Don’t take your own weaknesses over others’ strengths, as long as you show your strengths, you can still work in the workplace.

  Sadly, the reality allows college students to recognize a little advantage that they themselves do not have. This would have been a good thing, but the advantages that college students should have could not be found, which caused problems.

Enterprises need experience, but they also need theory.

  Once, I was recruited from a well-known financial institution, and a human resources student came to apply. Because I was a student, I randomly asked a few common knowledge in textbooks.

I asked him to learn a certain theory of performance appraisal. The few MBO, 360, KPI, and BSC that came with him couldn’t even answer one. You said, even if he has work experience, can I hire him?

  College students, any work practice requires the guidance of theory, and mastering professional theoretical knowledge is the homework you must do.

Work experience is important, but for the number of college students, theoretical knowledge is more important than experience. Putting down textbooks and mixing up a few days of work experience in the society and then using these days of furry skills to flicker those recruiting managers who read countless people.Is the most worthless.

  Fourth, the difficulty in finding employment for college students is the inevitable result of the lack of career planning. It is a bit late to talk about career planning with graduated students, but it is not too late to make up for it.

Career planning begins as soon as you fill out a voluntary report after the college entrance examination. One of the main reasons for filling out a voluntary report is career planning. You can choose a suitable major if you want to know what career you want to pursue in the future.

I said earlier that majors are not the key to applying for a job, not that everyone can lose their majors. Majors must be selected carefully.

  I’ve seen many people in the job-hunting state. They have college students, and some have changed jobs and changed jobs.

Their common problem is that they are in a confused period of their careers, and they are obviously suitable for what they do.

  I will not talk about the theoretical knowledge of career planning here, let me give an example.

My company is in the property industry, and hiring a security guard is one of the daily tasks.

Every time I go online to open the recruitment page, there will be too many resumes sent, and I find that there are many college students and undergraduates.

I still think in my mind that college students are becoming more and more pragmatic, knowing that it is difficult to find a job, and they are willing to do it all the time. This is a good trend.But the phone call came, but people did n’t come a few times, and occasionally came. After a few words, I found out that his career direction is not here. I thought, since he does n’t want to do this job, he also sent this resumeWell, is it a short-term behavior, looking for a temporary job, and by continuing the conversation, I am disappointed that this resume is not even short-term behavior. Many college students send resumes online, see recruitment, click on the mouse, whateverPositions, resumes flew by, and career goals were almost vacant.

  I have not done any investigation and dare not make false statements. I hope that such college students are in the minority.

After all, such college students are irresponsible for themselves and irresponsible for the company. They are wasting money, time, and their youth.

  College students, make a career plan for themselves as soon as possible, positioning their careers.

Career positioning is not precise, there should always be a direction, with a career anchor, your job search will be targeted.

10 shortest-lived lifestyles

10 shortest-lived lifestyles

“Busy, so busy I’ve lost my head.”

What do the busy white-collar workers lose in the “money” and “healthy” barter?

What kind of methods do they choose to combat busy work and life?


hzh{display:none;}  危险方式1:极度缺乏体育锻炼。  Of the 932 respondents, only 96 exercised at regular times every week, and 68% chose “hardly exercise.”

This can easily cause fatigue, dizziness, etc., and cause excessive and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Dangerous method 2: Do not seek medical treatment if you are sick.

  The survey shows that nearly half of the people buy medicines themselves when they are sick, and an increase of them ignores any apparent “small problems” at all.

Many working people’s diseases have been delayed, and the optimal treatment time has been missed. Some diseases are masked by the absorption of drugs on the surface and accumulated into major diseases.

  Dangerous method 3: lack of active medical examination.

  Of the 932 people, 219 never had a physical examination.

  Dangerous method 4: Do not eat breakfast.

  As the pace of work accelerates, eating breakfast that meets nutritional requirements has become a luxury for white-collar workers in the office.

Of the respondents, only 219 were regular and ate breakfast in accordance with nutritional requirements.

It is common to skip breakfast or choke.

  Dangerous way 5: Global communication with family.

  More than 41% of the office population rarely communicate with their families, and even if their families take the initiative to care, 32% of people often cope with it.

In the absence of communication, counselling, and venting, the stress of the office population is increasing.

  Dangerous mode 6: Long-term in air-conditioned environment.

  When at work, more than 70% of the people live in air-conditioned rooms almost all year round, except when they go out to work.

“Greenhouse people” have reduced their own body regulation and disease resistance.

  Dangerous method 7: Sitting still.

  Of the respondents, 542 had a working habit of not standing up easily unless they sat down and went to the toilet.

Sitting for a long time is not conducive to blood circulation and will cause a lot of metabolism and cardiovascular diseases. Long-term sitting is also an important factor for cervical and lumbar disc herniation.

  Dangerous method 8: Sleep time cannot be guaranteed.

  More than 60% of people often cannot guarantee 8 hours of sleep, and another 7% often suffer from insomnia.

  Dangerous method 9: Face the computer too long.

  31% of people often use a computer for more than 8 hours a day.

Excessive use and dependence on computers, in addition to radiation, also make eye diseases, lumbar and cervical spondylosis, and mental illnesses very common among the office population.

  Dangerous pattern 10: Irregular diet.

  More than 1/3 of them cannot guarantee to eat three meals on time, and ensure that less than half of the people who eat three meals regularly.

Tell you the ten latest beauty options


Tell you the ten latest beauty options

The times are developing, and various technologies related to beauty are constantly rising. The latest beauty products will always be brightened in our eyes and moved in our hearts.

These emerging beauty products combine the power of the latest technology to make our beauty easier and more perfect.

Here are the ten latest beauty options. Without them, you may not be able to live happily.

  1. Non-injection anti-wrinkle high-tech face cream, specially launched for those who are unwilling to achieve wrinkle and wrinkle removal effects by injection cosmetic methods, including injection of collagen and botox.

Avon’s new live and anti-wrinkle products use patent-pending substances made from a combination of apple root extract, olive leaf extract and pomegranate juice. This substance has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines.

The D-Contraxol series launched by Lancome and the ingredients with anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle properties launched by L’Oreal Research also promise to consumers to reduce fine lines and firm skin.

  And quite innovative, someone has designed a hair styling tool suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms. “This is an important step to make the hairstyle and hair style smoother,” Cutler said. He believes that the hair is in the cold air next to it.Can be more smoothly shaped and axial.

In addition, in the layering of the tool, there is a viscous styling material doped with mousse and gel, which can prevent it from becoming brittle and breakable after a little too much drying.

  2, stay at ease in the air-conditioned room Want to stay in the air-conditioned room, the first tenet of keeping the skin dry is to be moisturizing.

You can drink more water, and you can also prepare a convenient moisturizing spray. When the skin feels thirsty, you can replenish the skin in time.

  And quite innovative, someone has designed a hair styling tool suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms. “This is an important step to make the hairstyle and hair style smoother,” Cutler said. He believes that the hair is in the cold air next to it.Can be more smoothly shaped and axial.

In addition, in the layering of the tool, there is a viscous styling material doped with mousse and gel, which can prevent it from becoming brittle and breakable after a little too much drying.

  3, the latest eye gel launched eye gel, without exaggeration, can produce a calming effect equivalent to frozen tea bags and spoons to eliminate eye puffiness.

The powerful yeast extract contained in the raw materials used is like a very effective cold compress mask, which produces swollen eye bags and tightens your dark circles.

You can choose to apply it for ten minutes for quick-acting maintenance of eye care; if you stick it, the effect will be more durable.

  4, heating eyelash curler Sephora professional mini heating eyelash curler with U-shaped, comb-shaped pointed sticks to replace the traditional squeeze-type shaping structure.

What is advocated is moderate warmth without being overly hot.

And the operation is very simple, you only need to let it heat for about 15 seconds, and then use the lash curler to sweep the lashes, you can create beautiful lines of natural lines that can last for several hours.

  5, shining body lotion The rosy skin symbolizes health and youth. If your skin is not natural enough, it is better to try a body lotion with a brightening effect.

“It’s effective to moisturize the skin, and it can also help you reduce some scars and blemishes on the skin, help you balance and brighten the complexion, and make the skin look more natural.

“Mally Roncal, Sephora’s exclusive make-up artist, described it like this.

Recommended product: Nivea Silky Brightening Moisturizer, let the skin learn to glow.

  6. Hair straightener “Using this hair straightener will be more convenient and easier than the hair dryer to create the smooth impression you want,” said Rodney Cutler from Cutler Salon in New York.

The effect of this machine is as slim as the popular ceramic hot stamping, so it is suitable for short forehead and bangs.

  7. A well-known beauty laboratory that does not leave a yellow base cream has neutralized the polishing and blooming techniques, so when you use your favorite pure color or light-colored makeup products, it will not appearMakes you hate the yellow hue.

The color looks more pure and the luster is more attractive.

  8. The oil-absorbing paper helps you to remove the powder that the shell has already lost, and re-show your smooth skin. Compared with the general wiping method, the better way to use it is to pat the skin with this gel oil-absorbing paper.

Lancome’s perfect matte oil-absorbing paper can absorb three times as much oil as paper, and these papers are designed without crumbs, leaving no residue.

  9, double-effect mascara The so-called dual-effect mascara, such as L’Oreal’s dual-effect mascara, sounds like a gimmick, but if you experience it yourself, you will find that this is not the case.

To achieve the perfect look of thick and long lashes, you should first use it to comb your lashes back and forth, wait for a while, and then apply mascara.

  10, neutral lipstick Everyone should have some kind of neutral lipstick suitable for daily use: the elegant colors make your lips look so beautiful, even when you don’t have a mirror, you can apply as you like.

Chantecaille’s Taffy collection is a perfect choice. The beautiful brown shades are quite seductive for a particular purpose, and even if you use only one finger, you can easily apply lipstick.

Double samba running around details

Double samba running around details

After knowing the basic movements of Samba running around, you also need to cooperate with the two people so that you can keep up with the rhythm smoothly.

It is necessary to pay attention to the space of the arms and two people, even if it is a step that requires coordination, it also requires the extension and control of the individual upper body movements.

  There is always a connected arm between the two people. This step is not connected when only one person rotates, which is rhythm 2.

At the beginning, the woman stood in front of the man, the woman’s right leg was in front of the samba, and the man’s left leg was in front. At this time, the woman’s right arm was close to the man’s left arm, and the woman’s right hand was in front of the man, While the man ‘s left hand is on the back of the woman ‘s shoulder blade. When the pace of the two people changes in turn, the arms of the two remain until the woman starts to rotate around the man ‘s right. At this time, the woman ‘s left hand changes to the man ‘s.On the right shoulder, the man’s right hand rests on the woman’s left hind shoulder blade.

Attach the skin of the connected arm, do not have a large gap in the elbow position.

  In addition, unconnected arms, straight to the side, palms facing down, press the wrist appropriately.

  At the same time, pay attention to the sense of space of the two people, and try to keep the distance between the two people more uniform.

And when the next shot is your own partner spinning around yourself, the last step of the samba walk needs to reduce the pace, and this step needs to be slightly angled to the side of the partner, so that the rotating party canProperly reducing the steps of the step rotation is conducive to rotation.

In addition, pay attention to keep your head and shake your head when rotating.

  The pace here is that the lady is on the left of the man, and the two walk one step opposite the samba walk + side walk + one step samba walk.

Then the lady stepped forward in front of the man, turned around and stepped + one samba walk, while the man repeated the step of one samba walk + side step + one samba walk, but in the first samba walk here,To keep the sense of space for two people, the man should move forward slightly to the left, leaving a little more space for the right.

After that the lady started to go straight, while the man turned around the lady.

Men’s White-collar Mental Stress Relief

Men’s White-collar Mental Stress Relief

1. Use words and imagination to relax.

  Through imagination, I train my mind to “walk around”, such as “I sit on the green grass under the blue sky and white clouds”, “I soak in a bathtub comfortably and listen to beautiful light music”, relax, rest and recover in a short timeEnergetic, let yourself get a spiritual rest, you will feel serene, peaceful and peaceful.

  2. Support solution method.

  Please list the pressures in your life, one, two, three, four . Once you write them down, you will find it amazing that as long as you “break through”, these so-called pressures can be gradually resolved.

  3. Cry when you want to cry.

  Medical psychologists believe that crying can relieve stress.

Psychologists have tested the blood pressure of some adults, and then divided them into two groups according to normal blood pressure and high blood pressure, and asked whether they have cried. As a result, 87% of normal blood pressure people said that they occasionally cried, and those with high blood pressureMost patients answered that they never shed tears.

From this point of view, letting human emotions express is more beneficial than burying them deeply.

  4, first reading solution to worry.

  As the world of the book travels, all sorrow and sadness will be put to mind, and the clouds will disappear.

Reading can make a person gradually open-minded, open-minded, and not afraid of stress.

  5. Embrace the big tree.

  In some parks in Australia, too many people are seen embracing big trees every morning.

This is one method they use to relieve psychological stress.

It is said that hugging the tree can release the happy hormones in the body, which is refreshing.

The opposite adrenaline, the suppressor hormone, disappeared.

  6, exercise deflation.

  An emerging industry has emerged in France: the Sports Ventilation Centre.

Experts from the center instructed people how to yell, twist towels, hit pillows, slap sofas, etc., to do a lot of exercise “decompression degassing exercises.”

In these sports centers, sponges are spread on the top, bottom, left, and right.

  7. Watch horror movies.

  Experts in the UK have suggested that people feel pressured at work because of their sense of responsibility for the work.

What they need at this moment is encouragement and uplifting.

So as you overcome stress through relaxation techniques, you might as well motivate yourself to face a stressful situation, such as going to a horror movie 8 and smelling sesame oil.

  In Europe and Japan, an aromatherapy is popular.

In particular, some girls are drunk with these sesame oils extracted from fragrant grass or other plants.

It turns out that sesame oil can stimulate or lay down nerve cells in the limbic system of the human brain through the olfactory nerve, which is very effective in relieving the nervous stress.

  9. Eat snacks.

  The purpose of snacking is not just to satisfy the drought needs of the stomach, but to relieve tension and eliminate internal conflicts.

  10. Put on your favorite old clothes.

  Put on a pair of old trousers that you usually love, and then put on a loose shirt, your psychological pressure will be relieved unconsciously.

Because people who wear long-term clothes are more and more reminiscent of the feelings of some specific time and space, and are deeply immersed in the memory of nostalgia for the past dream life, people’s emotions also rise.

  11. Pets benefit the human body.

  A psychological test shows that when a nervous person watches a self-supporting goldfish or tropical fish dancing gracefully in a fish tank, they often unconsciously enter the state of “forgetting and forgetting”, and the stress in their heart is also highFor relief.

Woman over thirty how to burn good looks

Woman over thirty how to “burn” good looks

After women reach the age of 30, heavy work pressures, irregular lifestyle habits, and unreasonable diet . a little carelessness will enter the ranks of “yellow-faced women”: the skin is particularly prone to dryness, no gloss, the corners of the eyes,There will also be small fine lines on the corners of the mouth.
  Papaya, red date, lotus seed honey-nourishing and nourishing the skin. Papaya is a well-known whitening food, and its vitamin A content is extremely rich.
Chinese medicine believes that papaya is sweet and flat, can digest food, strengthen the stomach, beautify the skin, nourish lactation, and has a good therapeutic effect on people with indigestion or constipation.
For beauty treatments, papaya can be eaten with milk or used to make dishes or porridge.
Jujube is a traditional food that regulates endocrine and nourishing blood and beauty. If jujube is eaten with lotus seeds, it will increase the effect of regulating menstruation, nourishing qi and nourishing the body.
  In the dry autumn and winter seasons, making a hot papaya, red date and lotus seed honey will not only warm up your body and your heart, but also help your skin resist the dry climate.
Prepare papaya, red dates, lotus seeds, honey, and rock sugar.
First, add jujube and lotus seeds to a suitable amount of rock sugar and cook until needed.
Then cut the papaya apart and remove the seeds, put the red dates, lotus seeds, and honey into the papaya, steamed in the basket and eaten.
  Tips: When eating, be sure to eat papaya together.
After dinner, this tonic is best served as a dessert for the whole family.
  Wolfberry wine stuffed eggs-to give you a good look. Many people like to eat wine stuffed eggs, but the wolfberry wine stuffed eggs recommended here are quail eggs.
This is because quail eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins, and vitamins A and E. When cooked with wine, it also produces enzymes and active substances that are beneficial to women’s skin.
Take a bowl a day to make your skin tender and shiny.
  Lycium barbarum is a good product for nourishing liver and kidney, and it is also one of the raw materials commonly used in beauty medicated diets. The content of vitamin A is also particularly rich.
When these foods are added together, they can more promote the absorption of nutrients, and women’s complexion will be more moisturizing and moving.
  When boiling wolfberry wine and stuffed eggs, first boil 200 grams of wine, then add 5 grams of wolfberry, an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and 50 grams of quail egg liquid, and finally boil.
  Tips: Quail eggs are more tonic than eggs, but eggs can also be used.
You must remember to eat the egg yolk, its effectiveness is better than protein, especially the cholesterol in it is also very beneficial to breast development.
The new mother insists on eating every day after giving birth, which not only guarantees high-quality milk, but also improves the skin.
  花生芝麻糊——抗衰老 花生与黑芝麻是30岁女性抗衰老的首选食品,这主要归功于它们富含维生素E,同时还有防止褐素沉着于皮肤的作用,避免色斑、蝴蝶斑的form.
Sesame contains a powerful anti-aging substance, sesaminol, which is an important nourishing food for preventing female aging. The B vitamins in it are also very rich, which can promote the metabolism of the human body, and it is also beneficial to the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone.Chest effect.
  Making peanut sesame paste requires preparing peanuts, black sesame, and salad oil.
First, the peanut kernels are fried and fried with black sesame seeds. Then they are put into a blender, crushed into powder, and stored in a sealed glass jar.
When you want to eat, put it in a bowl with a clean spoon and add boiling water.
If you like sweet, you can add some honey.
  Homemade peanut sesame paste is more natural and healthier than bought outside, and is best for breakfast or an afternoon meal.
  Reminder: It is best not to peel off the “red clothes” from the peanuts, because the “red clothes” have excellent blood replenishing effect.
  Double Bean Chicken Wing Soup-Increase skin elasticity Soybeans and green beans are not only rich in protein, lecithin, but also phytoestrogens. This isoflavones can effectively increase the level of estrogen in the body, thus making women more youthful.
Moreover, isoflavones also have the effect of preventing osteoporosis.
  In addition, many people only know that trotters are beauty products, but they do not know that chicken wings also contain a large amount of collagen, and the protein content is higher than that of trotters. It can be used with soybeans and green beans to increase skin elasticity and moisturize the skin.
  Ingredients needed: soybeans, green beans, chicken wings, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, broth.
First, put soy beans, green beans, chicken wings and other ingredients into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of broth, simmer over low heat, and finally season with salt, monosodium glutamate, and cooking wine, and then eat.
  Tips: Be careful not to remove the skin when soy beans and green beans are soaked in water.
Chicken wings should use wing neutralization and wing tip instead of wing root with lower collagen content.
  Walnut, pine kernels and corn kernels-beauty and breast enhancement 健 Walnuts and pine nuts are classic tonic foods for women. They are rich in vitamin E and zinc, which are good for moisturizing the skin and delaying skin aging.
In addition, they are rich in protein, minerals, and B vitamins, making them the best choice for beauty and hairdressing.
Walnuts and pine nuts are both good sources of linolenic acid. This is the most popular health-building ingredient in the health and has the function of stimulating estrogen synthesis.Corn’s own vitamin E is also a skin-beauty food that is highly regarded by experts.

  The preparation method is very simple. Take an appropriate amount of broth, add rock sugar and corn, simmer over low heat, sprinkle with walnut and pine nuts, and serve immediately.

  Tips: It is best to buy raw walnut and pine nuts, stir-fry them yourself, and it is best to use linolenic sunflower oil.

Don’t overdo it when eating walnuts, pine nuts and corn. It is recommended to drink a small bowl every day.

Too much food may cause too much absorption and cause too much.

  Yam and green bamboo shoots fried chicken liver-improving skin color Yam is a tonic and tonic that is highly respected by traditional Chinese medicine.

Chicken liver cancer, such as iron, zinc, copper, vitamins A and B vitamins, is even beneficial to the synthesis of estrogen, and it is also the food of choice for nourishing blood.

Green bamboo shoots are a potential fiber beauty vegetable.

The three are used together to nourish qi and blood, and improve the skin’s moisturizing feeling and color.

  Prepare yam, green bamboo shoots, chicken liver, salt, monosodium glutamate, broth, and starch.

First yam and green bamboo shoots are peeled, washed and cut into strips.

Wash the chicken liver with water and cut into pieces.

Then yam, green bamboo shoots, chicken liver and other raw materials are boiled with boiling water.

Finally, put some cooking oil in the pot, add an appropriate amount of broth, add all the ingredients after seasoning, stir fry a few times, and eat after simmering.

  Tips: When eating fried chicken liver with yam and green bamboo shoots, be sure not to drink coffee or strong tea before and after meals to avoid affecting the absorption of nutrients in food.

If you don’t have chicken liver, you can also choose pork liver or duck liver instead.

  Tips: The beauty and stagnant effect of regular food pollen free wrinkle pollen is beyond the reach of other foods. It is unique in preventing skin pigmentation, rough skin, wrinkles and skin allergies, freckles, acne, dark spots and so on.

  This is because pollen contains a large number of vitamins required for skin beauty. Among them, vitamin A has a special physiological role in promoting the metabolism of epithelial cells and maintaining the health of epithelial tissues. Vitamin B can enhance skin metabolism, and vitamin C can enhance skin elasticity.Vitamin E prevents skin aging and prevents premature wrinkles.

  Fine-skinned beauty eat oysters. In some places, oysters are also called oysters. They have high nutritional value. They are cooked or boiled, and the soup is like milk, so it is called “sea milk”.

Chinese medicine believes that oysters can supplement the five internal organs, nourish qi, nourish blood, and promote blood circulation.

Oyster grilled food is basically delicious, and can delicate skin, beauty and beauty.

Oyster sauce made from oysters is a premium condiment that is delicious and nourishes the face.

  Eat more “double beans” freckle whitening potatoes are rich in B vitamins and a lot of high-quality cellulose, but also contain trace elements, protein, trace and high-quality starch and other nutrients.

These ingredients play an important role in the anti-aging and disease prevention process, and can effectively help women detoxify.

It is rich in vitamin C to restore women’s whitening skin.

In addition, the crude fiber in potatoes can also have an intestinal laxative effect.

  Eating more peas can dispel spots and keep your face, “Compendium of Materia Medica” claims that peas have the effect of “removing dark spots and making the face shiny”.

Modern research has found that pea beans are rich in provitamin A. This substance can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A has the effect of moisturizing the skin and is absorbed from general foods without causing toxic side effects.

Eating peas also has swelling, stretches the skin, and can tighten wrinkles around the eyes.

Caring for Heart Health 5 Preliminary

Caring for Heart Health 5 Preliminary

Fast food makes our heart more and more fragile, refreshing coffee as the main drink to keep ourselves awake at all times; going out by car to move, reducing the passion and time for sports; shortening the time may only be 10 minutes . The efficiency is constantly improving, But made the heart overwhelmed.

Therefore, the following 5 steps to take care of your heart health can help you change back to your heart’s life.


hzh{display:none;}  亲近它,了解它  中心提案:生活决定心健康  想要获得心脏健康之前,先要设身处地地“了解它”
,除了遗传因素以外,详细知道什么原因造成它的不适,才能Targeted prevention.

  Keep away from: High voltage Everyday lives in high voltage, even in the evening when you go home, you have to plan, write programs, find information . even under stress, it can lead to arrhythmia, endocrine disorders, and even affect heartbeat.To stimulate the onset of hypertension.

In addition, if you are not in a good human environment, office relationships are subtle, interpersonal relationships are intertwined, and daily suspicion, intrigue, and even anger can cause shortness of breath, abnormal heart rate, and heart disease.

  To go beyond: high fat According to a health survey, people with high plasma are three times more likely to have high blood pressure than ordinary people. This is because too much high blood pressure can accumulate in blood vessels, causing blood vessels to become narrower.This prevents the normal circulation of blood.

In this way, heart disease will gradually develop.

  Keep away: too thin to lose weight is also a “killer” for heart health!

First of all, excessive dieting may cause malnutrition, the cardiovascular system cannot work properly, and the heart is threatened; secondly, when the trace amount of the human body is insufficient, blood flow cannot be guaranteed, and the heart is overloaded, which can also cause the heart to light up red.

  Eat out of Maxim’s Center preliminary: delicious, inexpensive, really affordable!

  Western fast food, which is approaching fast food, has overwhelmed our heart.

Therefore, fundamentally improving the eating habits is the best care for the heart.

Food supplement is a science, not only to be effective, but also to be affordable, to spend a little money to get healthy.

Money-Saving Food: Red Fruits and Vegetables “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” said: Red fills the heart.

Red foods such as strawberries, cherries, bayberry, and tomatoes contain lycopene, carotene, iron, and some amino acids.

Especially the natural iron element is especially important for protecting the heart.

Eating red fruits and vegetables often can help women to replenish blood, and make blood flow more freely, reducing the risk of heart disease.


hzh{display:none;}  省钱美食:大蒜  大蒜在很多人看来并不受欢迎,它总会在口腔里留下重重的口气.
But for the heart, garlic is indeed an irreplaceable product: it can not only clear the plasma that damages the heart, but also reduce the low-density lipoprotein that causes cardiovascular disease, more effectively reduce the viscosity of the sheet, and prevent bloodCoagulation prevents the formation of blood clots.

  If you can stick to 1 daily?
The 3 cloves of processed garlic can also play a good role in the prevention of coronary heart disease.

If you are worried that your breath is not fresh, you can choose garlic capsules, which can not only remove the odor in your mouth, but also get the same heart-protecting effect as garlic, and play a win-win effect.

  Money-Saving Food: Kiwifruit A study by the University of Oslo in Norway shows that eating 2?
Three kiwifruits can reduce blood concentration, blood viscosity, blood lipid content, and angiogenesis, which is beneficial to heart health and does not cause changes in human plasma levels.

This is not only due to the fact that it can supplement a large amount of vitamin C in the human body, but also because it contains a large amount of arginine in the body, which can effectively improve blood flow and ensure the healthy “functioning” of the heart.

  Sports “heart” energy center is preliminary: protect your heart from entering shortcuts Many people will say, “I am so busy with my work that I can’t ensure exercise time!

“Actually, movement is not as complicated as you think.

Heart protection exercise has entered the era of fast food.

  Simple movement: reverse sequence movement. The reverse sequence movement proposed by the German medical experts is about reverse climbing, upside down, reverse and other items. Not only is it easy to do, but it can be completed at home in 15 minutes each time.The system is fully exercised to establish a new balance, which is particularly helpful to adjust the body’s circulatory balance, so that the blood is evenly distributed, and the motive force of the heart is greatly increased.

  Simple exercise: Jogging. Many people use jogging to strengthen their heart during morning exercise.

However, some experts have recently pointed out that when jogging in the morning, the secretion of human adrenaline is higher than that in the afternoon or evening?
4 times, may cause blood clots and lead to heart failure.

  And jogging in the evening may reduce the tendency of blood clots, which can effectively prevent heart failure.

So, our advice is: Heart is not good, jog in the evening!

10 minutes!

  High “heart” needs decompression center preliminary: decompression requires creative “heart” thinking!
  Diet + exercise is indeed the best choice to protect the heart, but if you can decompress properly, it is the trump card of a healthy heart.

But compared with the previous decompression method, it takes some innovation to be OK.

hzh{display:none;}  创意减压:身体控制法  很多时候我们因为过度紧张而产生慌乱,心理学家詹姆斯兰格却认为,可以通过控制身体的反应,来达到控制情绪从而达到减压的目的.

Therefore, when you are emotional, please change your body posture appropriately, walk with some kind of trembling, or stand upright with a smile on your face, which is a good way to drive away the ups and downs.

  Creative decompression: ABC adjustment method ABC decompression theory is a kind of emotional therapy proposed by American psychologist Ellis: find a blank sheet of paper, divide it into 3 columns, write down in your mind in column 1In the event of your own loss A, write your own emotional response C in column 3, and your current understanding of the matter B in column 2.

Then, while A is not moving, modify B.

  For example, I often understood that overtime was often reduced. At this time, I tried to understand it with positive ideas such as “enhancing my ability in overtime”.

Then, check the emotional response after modifying B.

If you can take the time to do this kind of exercise 3 times a day, it will strengthen your reasonable cognition and help you to quickly emerge from bad emotions, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression.

  Don’t misunderstand the words of doctors Many people obey the words of doctors, and they perform exactly the same.

In fact, in many cases, the doctor’s advice is completely misunderstood, and the opposite effect is achieved. Instead, it is harmless to the heart.

Read the text below to help you resolve it immediately-the doctor said: “Don’t do an exercise if you have heart disease!

“Your misunderstanding: Get out of the house completely, absolutely not moving!

  Resolution: The offender cannot exercise, but must not exercise.

Now more and more white-collar women fall in love with Taijiquan, and this exercise is the best exercise for heart health, and yoga, jogging is also a good choice for strengthening the heart.

  In addition, the amount of exercise must be gradual, do not rush to achieve success in order to maintain regular and appropriate exercise, is conducive to enhancing heart function, promote the body’s normal metabolism, especially to promote light metabolism, is the best care of the heart.

  The doctor said: “People with heart disease cannot take too much cholesterol!

“Your misunderstanding: strictly control the body’s plasma absorption and prevent heart disease.

  Resolution: In fact, cholesterol is divided into the so-called “good plasma” and “necrosis”. The former can help collect and transport the necrotic plasma in the blood vessels back to the liver to avoid blood vessel division; in addition, it is easy to accumulate in the inner wall of blood vessels, causing blood vessels.。
  Therefore, controlling plasma is not the most important thing. You need to test to make sure that “good plasma” is higher than “bad plasma”.

Olive oil, onions, and oats can provide “good plasma” to the body, and at the same time, it can prevent or reduce the damage to arteries caused by necrotic plasma.

  The doctor said, “In general, there is pain in the precursors of heart disease!

“Your misunderstanding: When there is no pain, it is definitely a safe period.

  Resolution: According to the survey, nearly one-third of hypertensive patients did not experience pain symptoms such as retina at the time of onset, and people who did not have pain attacks suffered more than those who had pain before onset.

Experts remind that women are the most prone to “painless” laws. Therefore, when you have shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, excessive weakness, etc., please pay great attention and quickly seek help from emergency rescue agencies.