Beautiful and excellent yoga moves

Beautiful and excellent yoga moves

Many people must have experience of high blood pressure pain and discomfort, especially contemporary OL who often work at desk, often feel muscle aches and stiffness, and severely may have shoulder disease.

Let’s start with the weight, pay attention to the health of our body details, and through appropriate exercise, let them relax, reduce pain, stiffness, fatigue, make them more powerful and increase flexibility, so that you will feel relaxed every day.

  Step 1: Help relax the neck and shoulder muscles, sit cross-legged and relax on the ground, pay attention to the natural back and back, with your hands pointing upwards, inhale deeply, push your shoulders upwards, allow the lowering, feel the clavicle exposed, and hold for 5 seconds.Exhale and slowly sink the retina straight forward.

  STEP2: Activate the cervical spine to maintain a sitting position, put your hands together into the chest, inhale, slowly tilt your head backwards, feel the alignment line trying to extend backward, hold for 5 seconds, exhale, and slowly lower your head forward, Close your eyes.

  Step 3: Stand upright, straighten your legs and sit forward. Bend one knee and place it in the center of the body. Place the other foot against the outside of the bent knee and straighten up.Above, eyes look straight ahead, hold for 5 seconds, feel that the top pulls the cervical vertebra to tilt upwards, slowly lower your head, try to use chin to stick instead.

  Step 4: Increase the softness of weight and lie flat on your back, pay attention to the shoulders, hips, and heels, tighten your insteps, bend your legs, hold your hands, and press your legs firmly against your chest and abdomen. After a pause of 5 seconds, gentlyRaise your head and use your chin as close to the curved area as possible.

Change the other leg and repeat this step to make another set.

  Step 5: Slightly tremble the neck and lie down, support your hands on the tibia, stretch your hands into the two ends of the tibia, twist and straighten, support your upper body, and tilt your head forward and backward. Feel that the hindbrain is about to fit the spine.After 5 seconds, the head returned to the natural position, slowly turned gradually, and both eyes looked at the heel.

For another point, repeat this step to make a full set.

  PS: Five sets of steps, which can be exercised 6 times a day, often adhere to this, not only has the enviable upright sexy, but also away from the accompanying sequelae brought by OFFICE.

Therapeutic Diet Makes You Sleep Well

Therapeutic Diet Makes You Sleep Well

Raw sugar stewed daylily raw materials and production: day lily 50 grams, rock sugar content, water amount.

After soaking the daylily, remove the head, wash it, add it to the pot, boil it with water, cook it for another 10 minutes with gentle heat, add rock sugar, and open it again.

Take 1 hour before bed every night.

  Efficacy: Daylily can clear heat, cool blood, and nourish blood.

This prescription is a folk prescription that can cure irritability.

  Ingredients and production of stewed pork heart with day lily and date: 50 grams of day lily, 12 dates, 1 pork heart, salt, monosodium glutamate, and water.

Wash the day lily and soak it; wash the dates; wash the pig heart and slice.

Put pork heart slices in the pot, jujube, add salt, and a moderate amount of water, boil on high heat, add daylily, simmer in the heat, and add some MSG.

  Efficacy: Day lily has the functions of clearing heat, cooling blood, and nourishing blood.

The two match the pig’s heart and can cure upsets and insomnia, which is a recipe for insomnia.

  Ingredients and production of lotus seed lily stewed duck meat: 50 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of lilies, 300 grams of duck meat, 2 slices of ginger, salt, and water.

Wash the lotus seeds and lilies for later use.

Wash the duck meat, cut into small pieces, add water, salt, ginger to the pot, boil over high heat, and switch to gentle heat.

Add lotus seeds and lilies and cook until the duck is cooked.

  Efficacy: Lotus seed can nourish the heart and nourish the spleen, nourish the kidney and astringent essence, strengthen the stomach and astringent intestines, and is suitable for the symptoms of weak spleen and stomach, insomnia, and insomnia; Lily can clear the heart and soothe the nerves and cure insomnia.

The two are compatible with duck meat which can nourish yin and clear heat, and its effect of refreshing and soothing is especially good.

This recipe can be taken by upset and insomniacs.

  Raw materials and preparation of beef cinnamon round soup: 200 grams of beef, 150 grams of longan, 2 slices of ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, and water.

Wash the beef, cut into small pieces, add it to the boiling water pot, remove it, and drain the water.

Peel the longan and wash.

Beef in the pot, add water, salt and ginger, boil on high heat, stew until the seven is mature, add longan meat, continue to rot, add all MSG.

  Efficacy: Beef has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood, and is compatible with the longan that can nourish the spleen and stomach, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, nourishing qi and nourishing qi, which is a recipe for patients with insomnia.

  Raw materials and production of jujube kernel: 20 grams of jujube kernel, 100 grams of previous rice.

Smashed jujube kernels and fry them for thick juice; previously, rice porridge was cooked, and when the porridge was cooked, the jujube kernel juice was added and cooked together, and the porridge was replaced with light or sweetened food, which was eaten daily at a warm temperature.

  Efficacy: Sour jujube, sweet, acidic, can nourish the heart and spleen, nourish liver and gallbladder, and is a good medicine for treating deficiency and anxiety and insomnia.

This porridge is very effective for neurasthenia, insomnia and more dreams, regardless of the insomnia.

Is it really healthy to eat whole grains?

Is it really healthy to eat whole grains?

The Chinese Nutrition Association issued a total of 8 “Guidelines for the Population of the Chinese Residents”, the first of which said “Food Diversity”.

Food diversity. In addition to food diversity, this variety must be selected and used in different functional groups of food. For example, in a meal, we will replace staple food, meat, vegetables, oils, orThere are beans, milk, etc., instead of choosing a variety of vegetables, or a variety of meats in the same large category of food such as vegetables.

At least one important meaning is that because there is no single food that can provide all the nutrients that an adult needs, when the nutrients in one food are insufficient, other foods can be used to supplement and also obtain a nutritional balance.
  Is it necessary to eat coarse rice to be healthy in black bread? In terms of the nutritional content of rice or whole wheat, the nutritional content of basic rice is definitely better than that of white rice, especially in the content of vitamins and metabolic fibers.

Eat more flour, whole wheat noodles, and supplement the vitamin B family. At the same time, the supplementary fiber can slow down the absorption of starch, which is especially advantageous for obese people and blood sugar fluctuations.

  Can this completely deny the nutritional effects of white rice and white flour?

Impossible, and not necessary.

Knowing how to use a variety of foods reasonably can supplement the nutritional loss of white flour and white rice.


Vitamins B1 and B2 are not just sources of cereals, beans, seeds, and nuts.

Especially the highest content of fermented yeast.


Although micron rice and whole wheat are high in supplementary fiber, there are many foods containing high-purity fiber, beans, vegetables, and fruits are good sources of supplementary fiber.

Therefore, even if you eat white rice and white noodles, as long as there are enough vegetables and fruits, they can provide sufficient supplementary fiber.

Simple and effective spine exercises

Simple and effective spine exercises

● Side lying rotation: take the side lying position, lower legs straight, upper legs flexed, hands on hips.

The upper body is turned forward and backward, a larger amplitude is better, so that the waist is fully rotated, 3 left and right?
6 times.

  ● Shoulder push-up: Take the supine position, lie flat on the bed, bend your elbows, and put your hands on your chest.

When turning your head to the right, push your right shoulder forward (with your right elbow not leaving the bed).

Turn your head to the tip and push your left shoulder in the same way.
6 times (you can do more if you have morning stiffness or numb hands).

Those with periarthritis should shrug their shoulders, shake their shoulders, and insert pain points into the supraclavicular fossa.

  ● Squeeze the back of the neck: Take the supine position, hold your head with one hand, put the palm of your back on the back of the neck, and squeeze the back of the neck with your 2, 3, and 4 fingers.

When your fingers touch the swollen or bulging vertebral joints, you can pinch more.

Left and right ends from top to bottom, replace 2 from bottom to top?
3 times, until you feel comfortable when you turn your neck from left to right.

  ● Head upright: Take the supine position, taking the right side as an example, holding the back of the head with your left hand, turning your head 30 degrees to the right, holding your jaw with your right palm, pointing your right fingers to your right ears, and using a short force, push your right hand upwardsTo make the head turn to the upper left and correct it, 2?
3 times.

Place your hands in the same way as the front end.

If there is unilateral pain in the head and neck, the healthy side should be done first, then the affected side.

  ● Pull-in and spine-relieving: take the supine position, support the back of the neck pillow with both hands, the lower limbs flex, the heels turn backwards, and the back is slightly lifted away from the bed. Both lower limbs simultaneously force the knees downward and the feet upwardPedal to move your body down with traction.

Because the head is aligned and stabilized with both hands, it can be inserted into the intervertebrae of the neck, thorax and lumbar vertebra, and the vertebrae are widened apart and aligned well.

This method has anti-aging and treatment of spondylosis.

If the pain is more serious, you can do one-leg traction first and pull 2 on each side.
After 3 times, perform double lower limb traction again, 2?
Ended 3 times.

  ● Lie on your back: take a supine position, align your hands with your hands overlapping, and your legs will be straight and comfortable. With your head and sides as the fulcrum, you will lift forward from the bed (inhale at the same time) and put your back on the bed (whileExhale) Breath).

The movements need to be natural, and can be done as appropriate?
100 times.

Beginners stop every 10 times and continue to practice after breathing smoothly.

This method can improve spinal stability and reduce incidence.

  The above six methods can be practiced once a day before getting up in the morning, and every time after practice?
It can be done in 10 minutes.

Once a day in the initial period, after three months, those who are effective can replace 2 a week?
3 times, perseverance.

Green Green Fragrant Bacon

Green Green Fragrant Bacon

The method of making Laba Garlic is simple.

Peel the old cloves of garlic cloves, put them in a small altar, and immerse them in vinegar. They will be sealed until New Year’s Eve. At that time, garlic cloves are green and green, with a lot of spicy flavor removed, and a lot of garlic is added to the taste of vinegar.

Garlic spicy acetic acid smell is the best condiment for dumplings.

  The choice of garlic and vinegar: Purple skin garlic is the best for pickling eight garlics. Because the purple skin garlic petals are soaked, the garlic cloves are solid, and the garlic is crispy and fragrant.

If you use ordinary garlic, don’t look at the large petals and the color is purple, but the taste is not good.

And use rice vinegar, because rice vinegar is light in color, soaked in garlic color as before, orange yellow green, moderately hot and sour taste, strong aroma and sweet.

The vinegar smoked vinegar has been darkened in garlic, the garlic cloves are not green enough, and the taste is poor.

  Health benefits of Laba garlic Laba garlic is made by soaking garlic in vinegar.

Garlic and vinegar are not only good seasoning foods, but also have supplemental medicinal value.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “Vinegar can reduce swelling, disperse water and gas, regulate medicines, and eliminate food accumulation.

“The medicinal active ingredient of garlic is volatile allicin, which has a killing effect on a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, candida, etc.

In addition, the allicin contained in garlic has a good effect of lowering blood lipids and cholesterol.

Therefore, eating laba garlic has certain effects on lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, softening blood vessels and preventing coronary heart disease.

  Why Laba Garlic Turns Green? Laba Garlic is a traditional green gourmet. Many families have the custom of making Laba Garlic.

In the moon, the garlic is peeled, peeled, washed, added to a small altar, poured into rice vinegar, sealed, and sealed on New Year’s Eve, why does it become green and turquoise Laba garlic?

Simply put: Laba garlic does not see sunlight during the production process, and the green produced is not chlorophyll, but the result of garlic green pigment.

  Relevant expert research found that the green pigment of Laba garlic is actually composed of a blue pigment that is generated first and a yellow pigment that is generated later.

The transformation process that produces pigment is that allicin is produced first, and then into allicin. Allicin is produced for a short time, that is, allicin.

  Low temperature is the condition that breaks the dormancy of garlic and activates the greening of garlic enzyme.

Garlic enzymes catalyze the greening of garlic.

The vinegar brewed with Laba Garlic increases the permeability of the cell membrane and makes the garlic turn green without causing damage to the cell wall.

Nine lies that women should learn

Nine lies that women should learn

Men are always talking about women’s hearts and undersea needles every second. They refuse because they can’t distinguish between true and false. They are frustrated because of women’s jokes or lies.

In order to handle the relationship with him, there are some lies women have to tell.

Don’t expect that with a man’s low emotional quotient, you will understand why you and his mother will always be as conflicted as love rivals. Don’t put hope, there is a Prince Charming for you.

When it comes to frictional stress in life, you have to understand that there are some kind of lies that can reduce the harm of contradictions and even bring you closer.

Of course, with the education we received from an early age, being a human is to be an honest person, but as a woman, you must be a smart woman to make it easier for men in sexual relations.

In order to make him love you more and to make your relationship closer, you must learn the following nine lies.

  One of women’s lies: I will not make any changes to you. We all hope that the man he loves has a muscular body like Schwarzenegger, a handsome face like Gu Tianle, and a grace like Zhou Runfa.But, speaking out, it must make him sad and sorrowful, and humiliate.

Tell him that you like his furry beer belly because it makes you feel spring-like warm in winter.

Tell him that you like to hear him snore like a grizzly at night, so that you feel safe.

One day if he goes on a business trip and you can’t hear his snoring at night, you will be insomnia like a general living in a long battlefield because he can’t hear the sound of guns.

If you love him, tell him that you admire everything about him, and his shortcomings are his characteristics.

You love him. He doesn’t have to change in order to marry you.

  A woman must lie two: I like your friends, his fox friends and dog friends who drink heavily, chew meat aloud, but have no success in their careers, but still talk about them.

You don’t look good to these stink men, but they are important to him.

Even if there are occasionally good people in them, you don’t want to have a light bulb to light up your intimate look with your boyfriend.

then what should we do?

Say you don’t like them?

He will think that you are picky, that you don’t give him face, that you don’t agree with his friendship and kindness.

So, no matter how upset you are in your heart, don’t say it, it will hurt his face and hurt his feelings.

So if you have to have a supper with those stinky men, learn to like them, or at least pretend to like them.

Then, slowly use your schedule to nibble his time, and quietly reduce the “friendly visits” between him and Hupeng and dog friends.

If one day he suddenly finds out why he hasn’t partyed for a long time, you can also laugh and say: Yes, I really miss them.

  Women must lie three: I am willing to help you clean up the endgame. The biggest feature of men is laziness, and the biggest feature of men’s houses is chaos.

Looking at ancient Chinese legends, men always want a little fairy to come down from the sky and clean the house and cook for them.

Therefore, to a man who is just starting to build a relationship, he must show your thoughtfulness and make a very thoughtful look and say, “Let me help you pack things.”

“Then he happily cleaned the messy tableware and made the look of the housework he loved very much.

Such men tend to have family warmth and miss you more when you are away.

Of course, such a good time does not need to last long. When his house is renewed, after he starts to rely on you, you can slowly train him to do manual work.

First urged him to wash his stinky socks after exercise, and solemnly told him, “Don’t throw things like a child.

A woman must tell a lie No. 4: I love your family. If you are a very lucky woman, you may see a loving look when you visit his parents at the door.

But generally speaking, when you step into his house tremblingly, you will first see the hostility in his mother’s eyes, as if you are the love rival who came to your door, and your rude boyfriend will know nothing about it.

He also feels stupid that you love him and his mother loves him, so you and his mother can love each other.

Don’t think you can explain this esoteric problem to him.

If he asks, you tell him sincerely that you like to spend time with his family.

If you say you don’t like it, it is likely to hurt his feelings.

A woman who has many years of experience as a wife-in-law concludes that to be kind to his family, of course, in terms of action: see less and give more gifts.

Tell him that you love the people in his family, don’t avoid conflicts between your family, and lock in the time to meet on your birthday or holiday.

  Women must lie No. 5: I love sports men’s enthusiasm for sports we can never understand.He always watched the TV game all the time, and grabbed “Football News” and “New Sports” as soon as he went to bed.

He watched the Serie A (football league) to watch the Bundesliga match, watched the German (national) match to watch the Western (Banja) match, then entered the NBA round-robin to watch Jordan watch Yao Ming.

If you tell him that you also like sports, and sit down and watch football with him, you can quickly enter his world.

If one day you can’t stand the way he reads football magazines every day but can’t see you, you can say to him: “I love sports, and I especially like to play sports with you.

“Then you took his hand to jog in the park, dragged him to swim in the rivers and lakes, and watched the sunset by the way.

If he dares not to comply, you will be pointed out and point out that he is a fake sports fan who just can’t talk, and the man’s face can’t stand up, and he will rely on you.

  Women must lie No. 6: You are right. Your boyfriend is outstanding, but there is always a sense of domineering.

Prominent performance always likes to get started when talking to you about heaven and earth, and you must make a difference. Of course, if you do better, he will definitely not shut up.

He will suddenly increase the volume on the road. In order to compete with you in the role of a certain character in the movie, you are unwilling to talk with him on some harmless issues.

At this moment, it is unwise to increase the volume and his tit-for-tat is relatively unknown. You need to give the man a little face and coax him. “You are right, it makes sense.

“The temporary concession is just for better access in the future, and one day you will convince him to lose.

Wise Cloud: Man is the head, woman is the neck, and the neck will determine the direction of head rotation.

Men always think that they know everything and control everything, but it is women who really have actual control, and women can always manipulate the length calmly.

So don’t bother with him.

  A woman must lie No. 7: I don’t mind seeing other women. When the man’s eyes are staring at the red-haired girl in the supermarket, you get angry from your heart and become guilty.

Although you don’t have the color of a sinking fish and wild geese, and the beauty of closing the moon, you hope that your boyfriend’s eyes are always waiting for you honestly, from one to the other.

Once your boyfriend ‘s eyes are “smuggled”
, you want to use flying palms across the mountains to fight off potential love rivals, or use star-sucking Dafa to firmly control your boyfriend ‘s sight within N square centimeters.

There is no need to embarrass him in public, the best way is to say an insincere lie: “I don’t mind you seeing other women, and then find the opportunity to imply that he” does not want to others.

If he still doesn’t seem to understand, then you will create an exaggerated wait-and-see attitude when you are with him, scanning past handsome guys around the clock.

He converges when he feels a little jealous.

  Women must lie No. 8: I don’t mind how much money you have now. There are a lot of young people who are willing to go to the world. Men with a lot of waists, but your boyfriend is now just a shy worker.

You fall in love with him not because of his passbook or because of himself.

Because he is healthy, hard-working, humorous, caring and faithful.

You choose him because you think he is a potential stock, he will get rich, and he will let your back half live a win-win life of material civilization and spiritual civilization.

Yes, this is your wishful thinking.

But at this stage, he really did not give you the ability to buy a house or a car, which led him to apologize to you from time to time, repeating his inability to make you suffer.

At this moment, you have to make up a beautiful lie anyway: “I don’t really care how much money you have.

A woman must lie. Ninth: Don’t worry, dear, everyone will encounter this man who will encounter erectile dysfunction in their life. He was hot and sexually full of flutter, but the result was nothing.Nothing happened.

You are a little disappointed, and he is unwell.

A smart and thoughtful woman would say “Dear don’t worry, this kind of thing everyone will encounter.

“Maybe you need to tell him,” Size doesn’t matter. “” You’re the best I’ve ever encountered. ”

No matter how he is, you love him and choose to be with him, you should encourage him and comfort him.

Come on for his next time.

Women’s Love: Yoga without Teachers

Women’s Love: Yoga without Teachers

Is yoga really so amazing?

“Practice, everything will come.

“This is Yoga master Shri K?

What Pattabhi Jois taught us.

  For example, you don’t need to worry about it, you just need to study hard and practice, and the effort will naturally come to fruition.

  More beautiful, more relaxed, healthier and happier-this is how you feel after practicing yoga at home.

You may wish to try out our yoga classes for female readers.

It’s easy to learn and full of fun, and you can definitely get immediate results!

  Calmness, relaxation, energy, beautiful body, quick thinking, self-confidence and fun in life, yoga can help you achieve all the above goals, these are the ideals that all women dream of!

But many people have doubts in their hearts: How much time and benefits do they spend?

Do I need to pay for a teacher or sign up for a yoga class or get a yoga book?

Do not!

No need!

You can practice without leaving the house, without the teacher, less time consuming, quicker results, more effective, why not!

  Beginning: Yoga is a shortcut to physical health.

It helps the human body to always maintain abundant and vigorous energy, promote physical balance, physical beauty, spiritual beauty, emotional stability, improve work ability and efficiency, and maintain youth and health-this is by no means the only taboo for those who abide by the preceptOr ascetic monks can make it. As long as you practice, you can do it.

  Indian yoga has a history of thousands of years, and the United States has also developed a wave of practicing yoga.

Famous singer Madonna, actress Renee?

Renée Zellweger and many other Hollywood stars have gradually become authentic yoga fans.

For “ordinary” women who are not as busy as them, it is also a good choice to practice yoga as a source of strength for work and life.

The benefits of yoga are self-explanatory, neither cost money nor take part in any exercise training.

No matter how much you weigh, no matter how old you are, men, women and children, all are suitable.

Every woman can experience the wonders of yoga in person.

  Yoga is known as the oldest life science.

It covers all areas of life.

Around 2000 BC, the ancient Indian sage yogi, Patanjali, first recorded yoga in writing.

The doctrine of yoga is derived from the ancient Indian language Yui, which means “union” and “union”.

The so-called body and mind are united with each other.

Yoga unifies the head and abdomen, the spirit and the emotions.

It helps us to find the center of our minds, so as to obtain peace, harmony and joy in life.

  Women’s Yoga In recent centuries, yoga has formed various genres, with different emphasis.

Karma-Yoga, for example, is a yoga doctrine of behavior and dedication.

Jnana-Yoga is the yoga doctrine of wisdom and knowledge.

Hatha Yoga focuses on practicing body yoga.

The fourth type of yoga we chose for female readers is Kundalini-Yoga, because it is a yoga school that most agrees with women, sex and reproduction, and it is also best for women to practice.

For Kundalini Yoga, spiritual pursuit and normal life are not contradictory.

On the contrary, it can closely link the two worlds with each other so as to make full use of the positive vital energy.

  Kundalini yoga has nothing to do with ascetic practice (conscious ascetic practice). Consciousness is its soul.Therefore, it is up to you to do some kind of yoga exercise, when to do it or how many times, gently or with all high temperature exercises .

Our recommended yoga practice, as long as it is 3 minutes a day, is also useful.

  Kundalini Yoga: The Motive Force for a Better Life In the old saying, the highest form of intrinsic energy that everyone has is Kundalini, and this primitive energy is often very weak.

When you get sick, it even hides completely.

And Kundalini Yoga helps to gradually, re-actively exert this healing power contained in the human body.

The longer you practice, the more intense energy, strength, and freshness you get.

Yukili, founder of modern kundali yoga?

Yogi Bhajan said well: “Kundalini Yoga enables us to bring out the energy of sleep, so that our ordinary life can be fuller, more conscious and better.

“From now on, you will learn the basics of Kundalini Yoga.

As long as you practice step by step, you can immediately experience the effect.

From strengthening the heart, circulatory system, sexual ability, self-confidence, to rejuvenating youth, maintaining fever and exuberant, until overcoming timidity and fear.

  Necessary conditions for practicing yoga: * Loose and comfortable clothing, a cushion (blanket or sheepskin blanket) * timer or clock * plenty of water.

Drink plenty of water before and after the exercise.

  * Practice where you feel most comfortable in your home.

The room should be well lit, quiet, well ventilated and warm.

  Important note for practicing yoga: Early morning yoga works best.

  Your day can begin with full, good mood and plenty of energy.

If you like to sleep late, you can also practice at night.

This way your day of stress and fatigue can be eliminated and relaxed.

Yoga beginners should develop a thrilling exercise program that will help you to keep up with your exercises.

  4 basic principles Before practicing yoga, you should strictly abide by the following principles: 1. Yoga and full stomach are contradictory.

Because the body’s digestive activities have a certain interference with energy production, it should be practiced more than 2 hours after a full meal.

  2, eyes closed when practicing yoga.

Focus inwardly to focus.

  3. Pay attention to feeling yourself when practicing yoga. Don’t place too much demands on yourself. It is advisable to accept the limit.

If you experience sudden pain, stop practicing immediately.

  4. Every time you start to practice, you should close your eyes and take a deep breath. Pay attention to breathing evenly through your nose.

  The introductory exercise is to learn the beginning and end of Kundalini Yoga. This is the simplest basic exercise.

  Essentials of Yoga Start and End Asana: Start the movement, start with this “simple pose”, and then end each practice.

  Role: Promote inner peace and concentration, and make all the exercises in the future more effective.

The body gathers energy, strengthens the heart, restores the spirit, and leads to the center of the mind.

  Guidelines: 1. Take a comfortable sitting cross-legged position.

The spine is straight, and the chest is “proud”.

Keep your eyebrows, abdomen, and face relaxed.

Take a deep breath 1?
2 times.

At first, how do you use exhalation to remove all tension and anxiety from your body, and how you use inhalation to interact with your body’s energy and energy.

  2. Followed by Mantra (Singing Yoga Carols) to enhance the effect of the starting movement: “Ong Namo – Guru Dev Namo” (best: ong namoh gurudehf namoh).

The meaning is: “I open my all-encompassing creative energy and infinite wisdom.

“First, put your palms together, split your thumb and little finger (as shown in Figure 5), and then move your thumb to the sternum.
Now you sing, chant, whisper, or think: “Ong Namo – Guru Dev Namo.
“Repeat 3 times.

  Kundalini Yoga 5 Pillars 1.
Body Posture: Asanas This course contains about 100 individual exercises.

All kinds of exercises are full of energy and vigor.

Fully embodies the principle of Kundalini Yoga-actively creating relaxation.

  2.Breath Conscious Breathing has a positive effect on the human spirit and soul, and it becomes the activation of all human functions.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates conscious breathing into all of Asana’s starting moves.

  3.The so-called concentration of concentrated yoga is the renewed steady flow of thought to stop and replace one’s full concentration.

Through each yoga practice, this ability is automatically cultivated.

In addition, there are various specialized concentration and meditation exercises.

  4.Relaxing and practicing yoga can truly and truly relax, and people seem to be fully integrated into the river of time in a leisurely way, harmonizing themselves with life.

Practicing Kundalini yoga makes it easy to enter heaven.

  5.Mantras are traditional carols that focus on carols focused on singing, chanting, whispering or thinking.

It is an important part of the beginning and ending movements of Kundalini yoga practice.

  Basic exercises: keep youth, promote the development of the nervous system, make the abdominal and back muscles strong, relax, tighten the abdomen, and massage the internal organs.

It has a good effect on back pain and tiredness after a busy day.

Yoga advocates: “If your spine is flexible, your whole body will also be flexible.

“Guideline: Take a quadruped standing position-with your knees as wide as your hips, your hands as wide as your shoulders, and your ten fingertips forward (as shown).

Take a deep, long breath.

Immediately afterwards, close your abdomen while exhaling so that the side is rounded and move your chin to your chest (cat style).

As you inhale, you will gradually stretch your breastbone forward and your chin up (cow style).

This action is repeated 3 times.

  Tips:-Yoga movements are soft and slow. Be careful of your body when practicing.

  -Breathing and movement are integrated.

  -People with weak hand joints can use double fists to support.

  Yoga practice ends relaxation in a gentle way: take a supine position after each exercise and rest comfortably 3?
7 minutes.

Straighten your elbows and legs and relax your joints. Asana continues to function throughout your body.

If you want, put your palms on your belly.

You feel how the belly button shifts the direction of exhalation and descends. At the same time, you can also feel how the belly button shifts and inhales completely against your hands and rises automatically.

  End: Retake the “Simple Pose” of the beginning action to end the yoga practice.

Put your hands together, spread your thumbs and little fingers, and sing Mantra “Sat Nam” 3 times.

The implication is: “I wish my heart would always be safe.

Egg whites should not be fed before half-year-old

Egg whites should not be fed before half-year-old

Babies can add complementary foods by 4 months. Moms are used to adding yolks to their babies, because eggs are the most nutritious foods. The baby ‘s digestive system is not fully developed before half a year old, and the permeability of the intestinal wall is greater.At this time, egg whites should not be fed.

The protein molecules in egg white are small, and sometimes can directly enter the baby’s blood through the intestinal wall, causing the baby’s body to have an allergic reaction to foreign protein molecules, leading to diseases such as eczema and urticaria.

Therefore, babies before the age of half cannot feed egg whites and should only eat egg yolks.

  In addition, if fresh eggs are stored for too long, the quality will change, producing skinned eggs, loose yellow eggs, and mildew eggs. Such eggs are best not to be eaten by infants and young children.

  The skinned eggs are divided into red and black skins. This type of egg penetrates the air chamber at the big head, and there is mold parasite at the edge of the air chamber and the skin.

Black-skinned eggs are scattered yellow eggs and have a strange smell.

  During transportation, sales, etc., the loose yellow eggs formed by the yolk membrane rupture caused by rapid shocks have no odor, and the egg liquid is still dense, which can be eaten by children, but it can no longer be stored.

Due to the invasion of mold eggs or bacteria by the skinned eggs, toxins and waste gas are generated, and scattered yellow is formed, the skinned eggs are no longer edible.

  Eggs that are parasitic with mold are called mold eggs.

Under the light, there are black spots or plaques inside the egg.

The main reason is that the packaging material is sharp or exposed to rain, or the packaging material is not clean.

In high-temperature or high-humidity environments, mold can easily enter the eggs through the stomata of the egg shell, forming speckled colonies.

This egg has toxins and must not be eaten by infants and young children.

True doodles protecting children’s original ecology

True doodles protecting children’s original ecology

The role of outstanding art education in improving the overall quality of children is the need of the times.

But how should art be recognized as a new discipline in the humanities?

How to respect the truth of children’s nature, discover the beauty of children’s potential, and open up the goodness of children’s minds are new topics that need to be rethought today.

  When we slightly enhance the “beauty” of fine art, it will become the ideal pursuit of aesthetics, aesthetic education, and beauty, and become the spiritual reference of human beings.

It is omnipresent in the level of life and the spiritual realm. It has creativity, spirituality, and special energy that can be freely expressed through various tools and materials, and it must be repeatedly practiced and even labored to restore the characteristics of perfect externalization, naturally making artEducation has a wider influence in quality education.

  Experts at home and abroad have long pointed out that children’s art activities, the beginning of games, and interest-based guidance are instinctive. Children’s perception and creative enlightenment have special advantages in the training of expression and self-confidence.Both need the foundation. Even in the training of professional art talents, in childhood, it is not technology or beauty that is important, sensitivity to life, and continued interest and feeling.

For those parents who are anxious to let their children become successful, teaching them “Xiao Qi Baishi” and “Xiao Xu Beihong” is a complete misunderstanding.

  Childhood is a period of curiosity, curiosity and imagination that is most active, boldest and most honest.

Real children’s original art works have special charm because of their childlike innocence, innocence, and incomparability by adults.

The academic and humanistic value of children’s drawings has not yet been sufficiently understood and studied.

A teacher found such a painting in the unselected works. A group of ducks were flying in the sky, and the mother ducks lay eggs while they were flying. The eggs were also lined up, and ducks were drawn in the eggs.

The original homework was an ordinary swimming duck that the teacher demonstrated, and the 6-year-old kid thought he was going to draw a flying duck.

As another example, a 4-year-old girl drew a picture of the sun on a special day, but the sun was underworld.

Asked why she painted this way, she looked so sad: the sun was dead.


Today, my father accidentally trampled down my chick, and today’s sun is dead.

Imagine if she happened to go to the exam that day, she would definitely fail.

  Experts believe that children’s graffiti is a work close to the original ecology and is a need of life.

However, some parents even include some people in the arts and literature circles. When they face children and students as educators, they often habitually aim at skill standards, target levels, and even induce utilitarianism. The result is either a “parody show” orRebels, and premature loss of innocence to enter the fame and fortune arena, this will seriously affect the child’s physical health.

If China does not have a large number of people with a sound mind and a high level of aesthetics who love art, how can there be new artistic prosperity?

  Original children’s art works can help us better understand the inner world of children.

Whether the education at this time is correct will have a bearing on the future of the child and, to some extent, the future of art and even the nation.

At the extreme, the Ministry of Education has accelerated the pace of education reform, creating a new situation in educational innovation and advancing with the times.

Art education, especially children’s art education, is an important pillar of comprehensive quality education. It has taken the lead in the exploration of new ideas for teaching more than 10 years ago, but there are still problems that need to be overcome urgently, such as imbalanced development, and advanced teaching concepts cannot be timely.During the promotion, there was a large loss of art teachers in the poor areas of old, young, young and poor, the serious decline of art books for children, the continuing education of art teachers, and theoretical updates.

  Children’s art education needs to hear various sounds to improve its educational philosophy and improve teaching methods; it needs support and cooperation from all sides.

In the face of pioneering and dedicating careers, we need to update our concepts and improve our own qualities in order to help children grow up healthy and achieve the ideal goal of “achieving the future.”

How to help your child overcome psychological anxiety

How to help your child overcome psychological anxiety

I was worried that when Condition 1 was started, the baby’s condition might be good, but within a few days, the baby cried every morning and refused to enter the classroom.

  2 When the baby comes home, he may report to his mother that going to school is horrible, he does n’t like classmates and teachers, and the school is very dark. In short, do n’t go to school anymore.

  3 Most babies may cry for a week or two, and a few babies are worried for a month or two.

  Overcoming method 1 Positive education In the first few months before starting kindergarten, you can intentionally or unintentionally give your baby a positive education. This kind of schooling is very interesting. There are many friendly children as partners. The toys in the kindergarten are very fun.

Please note that you should never scare your baby with the phrase “disobedient and take you to kindergarten tomorrow”.

  2 Observe the environment in advance Before you enter the park, you may wish to take your baby to the kindergarten to have a look, so that he has a preliminary impression of the kindergarten.

When the baby sees other peers living happily in the kindergarten, his sense of substitution will be greatly reduced.

  3 Obey the agreement. When sending the child to school, tell him to go to school obediently, wait for the short hand of the clock to go a few times, and the mother will come to pick him up, and then leave resolutely.

Don’t stay and persuade and coax, it will prolong the crying time of the child.

  4 Persevere in the end not to be knocked down by your child’s tears. If you can’t bear the crying of your child and take him home, it will be more difficult to enter the next school.

As long as you insist on sending your child to school every day, you will find that the timing of your child’s crying will slowly change.

  5 Ask the teacher to take more care. Usually the baby will directly take care of the teacher who will take him in the future. The teacher will let him follow and try to appease a few days ago, and find a few lively classmates to accompany him to play.Sleep next to the teacher, wait for the baby’s familiar environment, and then slowly train him to better integrate into the group life.

  I want grandparents!

  Worried about Condition 1 The child cries every day to find his grandparents, or to say that he doesn’t like the new home (where his parents live), and he wants to return to the “home”.

  2 After returning to the place where the parents lived, the baby was very dependent on the mother and was afraid to see the mother. She always stayed with the mother and did not leave for a while.

  Overcoming method 1 Don’t cut off the connection between children and grandparents immediately by talking on the phone every day. Maybe let them talk on the phone every day.

Please be careful not to worry about the separation of the child from the elderly by the phone. It is better to communicate with the elders in advance and ask them to tell the child “You must be obedient at home, and your parents love you as much as your grandparents.”You can come back to see Grandpa and Grandma “, try not to say” We miss you too, “” You want to come back, right? ”

  2 Don’t rush to change after picking up your child. Don’t rush to adjust your child’s personality and living habits at first. It is most important for him to establish a sense of security first. Let the child find happiness in his new home as soon as possibleHe walked outside and made him think there would be a lot of interesting things to do with his parents.

  3 Arrange the exclusive world to bring back some of the children’s original familiar items, such as dolls, pillows, etc., and specially arrange a cute bed for him to make him feel that his new home has his own exclusive world.

  4 divert attention When the child is crying because he misses grandparents, don’t blame him, try to coax him, change his emotions to show understanding, then take out some toys or arrange other activities to divert attention and let him have other thingsCome distracted and come out of your miss for grandparents as soon as possible.

  5Stay a few days in advance. When the baby is small, if you have a long vacation, take the child back for a few days. Before you take the child back for a long stay, you can often arrange this short-term adaptive stay to let himGet familiar with this home as quickly as possible.