Caring for Heart Health 5 Preliminary

Caring for Heart Health 5 Preliminary

Fast food makes our heart more and more fragile, refreshing coffee as the main drink to keep ourselves awake at all times; going out by car to move, reducing the passion and time for sports; shortening the time may only be 10 minutes . The efficiency is constantly improving, But made the heart overwhelmed.

Therefore, the following 5 steps to take care of your heart health can help you change back to your heart’s life.


hzh{display:none;}  亲近它,了解它  中心提案:生活决定心健康  想要获得心脏健康之前,先要设身处地地“了解它”
,除了遗传因素以外,详细知道什么原因造成它的不适,才能Targeted prevention.

  Keep away from: High voltage Everyday lives in high voltage, even in the evening when you go home, you have to plan, write programs, find information . even under stress, it can lead to arrhythmia, endocrine disorders, and even affect heartbeat.To stimulate the onset of hypertension.

In addition, if you are not in a good human environment, office relationships are subtle, interpersonal relationships are intertwined, and daily suspicion, intrigue, and even anger can cause shortness of breath, abnormal heart rate, and heart disease.

  To go beyond: high fat According to a health survey, people with high plasma are three times more likely to have high blood pressure than ordinary people. This is because too much high blood pressure can accumulate in blood vessels, causing blood vessels to become narrower.This prevents the normal circulation of blood.

In this way, heart disease will gradually develop.

  Keep away: too thin to lose weight is also a “killer” for heart health!

First of all, excessive dieting may cause malnutrition, the cardiovascular system cannot work properly, and the heart is threatened; secondly, when the trace amount of the human body is insufficient, blood flow cannot be guaranteed, and the heart is overloaded, which can also cause the heart to light up red.

  Eat out of Maxim’s Center preliminary: delicious, inexpensive, really affordable!

  Western fast food, which is approaching fast food, has overwhelmed our heart.

Therefore, fundamentally improving the eating habits is the best care for the heart.

Food supplement is a science, not only to be effective, but also to be affordable, to spend a little money to get healthy.

Money-Saving Food: Red Fruits and Vegetables “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” said: Red fills the heart.

Red foods such as strawberries, cherries, bayberry, and tomatoes contain lycopene, carotene, iron, and some amino acids.

Especially the natural iron element is especially important for protecting the heart.

Eating red fruits and vegetables often can help women to replenish blood, and make blood flow more freely, reducing the risk of heart disease.


hzh{display:none;}  省钱美食:大蒜  大蒜在很多人看来并不受欢迎,它总会在口腔里留下重重的口气.
But for the heart, garlic is indeed an irreplaceable product: it can not only clear the plasma that damages the heart, but also reduce the low-density lipoprotein that causes cardiovascular disease, more effectively reduce the viscosity of the sheet, and prevent bloodCoagulation prevents the formation of blood clots.

  If you can stick to 1 daily?
The 3 cloves of processed garlic can also play a good role in the prevention of coronary heart disease.

If you are worried that your breath is not fresh, you can choose garlic capsules, which can not only remove the odor in your mouth, but also get the same heart-protecting effect as garlic, and play a win-win effect.

  Money-Saving Food: Kiwifruit A study by the University of Oslo in Norway shows that eating 2?
Three kiwifruits can reduce blood concentration, blood viscosity, blood lipid content, and angiogenesis, which is beneficial to heart health and does not cause changes in human plasma levels.

This is not only due to the fact that it can supplement a large amount of vitamin C in the human body, but also because it contains a large amount of arginine in the body, which can effectively improve blood flow and ensure the healthy “functioning” of the heart.

  Sports “heart” energy center is preliminary: protect your heart from entering shortcuts Many people will say, “I am so busy with my work that I can’t ensure exercise time!

“Actually, movement is not as complicated as you think.

Heart protection exercise has entered the era of fast food.

  Simple movement: reverse sequence movement. The reverse sequence movement proposed by the German medical experts is about reverse climbing, upside down, reverse and other items. Not only is it easy to do, but it can be completed at home in 15 minutes each time.The system is fully exercised to establish a new balance, which is particularly helpful to adjust the body’s circulatory balance, so that the blood is evenly distributed, and the motive force of the heart is greatly increased.

  Simple exercise: Jogging. Many people use jogging to strengthen their heart during morning exercise.

However, some experts have recently pointed out that when jogging in the morning, the secretion of human adrenaline is higher than that in the afternoon or evening?
4 times, may cause blood clots and lead to heart failure.

  And jogging in the evening may reduce the tendency of blood clots, which can effectively prevent heart failure.

So, our advice is: Heart is not good, jog in the evening!

10 minutes!

  High “heart” needs decompression center preliminary: decompression requires creative “heart” thinking!
  Diet + exercise is indeed the best choice to protect the heart, but if you can decompress properly, it is the trump card of a healthy heart.

But compared with the previous decompression method, it takes some innovation to be OK.

hzh{display:none;}  创意减压:身体控制法  很多时候我们因为过度紧张而产生慌乱,心理学家詹姆斯兰格却认为,可以通过控制身体的反应,来达到控制情绪从而达到减压的目的.

Therefore, when you are emotional, please change your body posture appropriately, walk with some kind of trembling, or stand upright with a smile on your face, which is a good way to drive away the ups and downs.

  Creative decompression: ABC adjustment method ABC decompression theory is a kind of emotional therapy proposed by American psychologist Ellis: find a blank sheet of paper, divide it into 3 columns, write down in your mind in column 1In the event of your own loss A, write your own emotional response C in column 3, and your current understanding of the matter B in column 2.

Then, while A is not moving, modify B.

  For example, I often understood that overtime was often reduced. At this time, I tried to understand it with positive ideas such as “enhancing my ability in overtime”.

Then, check the emotional response after modifying B.

If you can take the time to do this kind of exercise 3 times a day, it will strengthen your reasonable cognition and help you to quickly emerge from bad emotions, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression.

  Don’t misunderstand the words of doctors Many people obey the words of doctors, and they perform exactly the same.

In fact, in many cases, the doctor’s advice is completely misunderstood, and the opposite effect is achieved. Instead, it is harmless to the heart.

Read the text below to help you resolve it immediately-the doctor said: “Don’t do an exercise if you have heart disease!

“Your misunderstanding: Get out of the house completely, absolutely not moving!

  Resolution: The offender cannot exercise, but must not exercise.

Now more and more white-collar women fall in love with Taijiquan, and this exercise is the best exercise for heart health, and yoga, jogging is also a good choice for strengthening the heart.

  In addition, the amount of exercise must be gradual, do not rush to achieve success in order to maintain regular and appropriate exercise, is conducive to enhancing heart function, promote the body’s normal metabolism, especially to promote light metabolism, is the best care of the heart.

  The doctor said: “People with heart disease cannot take too much cholesterol!

“Your misunderstanding: strictly control the body’s plasma absorption and prevent heart disease.

  Resolution: In fact, cholesterol is divided into the so-called “good plasma” and “necrosis”. The former can help collect and transport the necrotic plasma in the blood vessels back to the liver to avoid blood vessel division; in addition, it is easy to accumulate in the inner wall of blood vessels, causing blood vessels.。
  Therefore, controlling plasma is not the most important thing. You need to test to make sure that “good plasma” is higher than “bad plasma”.

Olive oil, onions, and oats can provide “good plasma” to the body, and at the same time, it can prevent or reduce the damage to arteries caused by necrotic plasma.

  The doctor said, “In general, there is pain in the precursors of heart disease!

“Your misunderstanding: When there is no pain, it is definitely a safe period.

  Resolution: According to the survey, nearly one-third of hypertensive patients did not experience pain symptoms such as retina at the time of onset, and people who did not have pain attacks suffered more than those who had pain before onset.

Experts remind that women are the most prone to “painless” laws. Therefore, when you have shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, excessive weakness, etc., please pay great attention and quickly seek help from emergency rescue agencies.