Beautiful and excellent yoga moves

Beautiful and excellent yoga moves

Many people must have experience of high blood pressure pain and discomfort, especially contemporary OL who often work at desk, often feel muscle aches and stiffness, and severely may have shoulder disease.

Let’s start with the weight, pay attention to the health of our body details, and through appropriate exercise, let them relax, reduce pain, stiffness, fatigue, make them more powerful and increase flexibility, so that you will feel relaxed every day.

  Step 1: Help relax the neck and shoulder muscles, sit cross-legged and relax on the ground, pay attention to the natural back and back, with your hands pointing upwards, inhale deeply, push your shoulders upwards, allow the lowering, feel the clavicle exposed, and hold for 5 seconds.Exhale and slowly sink the retina straight forward.

  STEP2: Activate the cervical spine to maintain a sitting position, put your hands together into the chest, inhale, slowly tilt your head backwards, feel the alignment line trying to extend backward, hold for 5 seconds, exhale, and slowly lower your head forward, Close your eyes.

  Step 3: Stand upright, straighten your legs and sit forward. Bend one knee and place it in the center of the body. Place the other foot against the outside of the bent knee and straighten up.Above, eyes look straight ahead, hold for 5 seconds, feel that the top pulls the cervical vertebra to tilt upwards, slowly lower your head, try to use chin to stick instead.

  Step 4: Increase the softness of weight and lie flat on your back, pay attention to the shoulders, hips, and heels, tighten your insteps, bend your legs, hold your hands, and press your legs firmly against your chest and abdomen. After a pause of 5 seconds, gentlyRaise your head and use your chin as close to the curved area as possible.

Change the other leg and repeat this step to make another set.

  Step 5: Slightly tremble the neck and lie down, support your hands on the tibia, stretch your hands into the two ends of the tibia, twist and straighten, support your upper body, and tilt your head forward and backward. Feel that the hindbrain is about to fit the spine.After 5 seconds, the head returned to the natural position, slowly turned gradually, and both eyes looked at the heel.

For another point, repeat this step to make a full set.

  PS: Five sets of steps, which can be exercised 6 times a day, often adhere to this, not only has the enviable upright sexy, but also away from the accompanying sequelae brought by OFFICE.