Why does puberty feel particularly lonely?

Why does puberty feel particularly lonely?

Boys and girls who have entered adolescence have such an experience: they feel like they are adults, so they want to mature overnight.

The concern of parents no longer touches my heart as warmly as in the past, but feels piercing; Teacher, it seems that we have lost the prestige of the past in our hearts, and we ca n’t understand anything; even the classmates who are usually good are not so nowIntimate and intimate, I have nothing to talk about. I don’t know who to talk to.

  No wonder the boys and girls entering the second stage of psychological weaning always sigh: “No one understands me!

“I’m so lonely!”

Why do boys and girls feel particularly lonely when they enter puberty?

  Because this stage of puberty is a transitional stage for children to transition to recognition.

At this stage, all kinds of information about ourselves and society are flowing, and we need to think constantly to finally determine our own life goals.

At the beginning of this process, we often don’t know what we want to do, what we can do, and who we are.

  The role that society has given us has suddenly increased: we have to be children as well as students; among our classmates, we want to be accepted and loved; and we want to get the attention and trust of adults.

It is not easy for us to “play” the corresponding role in different environments, but we also want to be independent and mature, so we need to discuss and communicate with others, and we are not willing to open our hearts as much as possible.Therefore, German psychologist Spranger said, “No one looks at the world out of the window with youthful eyes more than young people from their lonely small room.Already.

This sense of loneliness is a manifestation of the development of young people’s self-awareness. With the increase of age, the enrichment of social life experience and the deepening of self-exploration, we will gradually acquire a familiarity, confidence and confidencefeel.

At this time, we can both think independently and communicate with others.