Is it really healthy to eat whole grains?

Is it really healthy to eat whole grains?

The Chinese Nutrition Association issued a total of 8 “Guidelines for the Population of the Chinese Residents”, the first of which said “Food Diversity”.

Food diversity. In addition to food diversity, this variety must be selected and used in different functional groups of food. For example, in a meal, we will replace staple food, meat, vegetables, oils, orThere are beans, milk, etc., instead of choosing a variety of vegetables, or a variety of meats in the same large category of food such as vegetables.

At least one important meaning is that because there is no single food that can provide all the nutrients that an adult needs, when the nutrients in one food are insufficient, other foods can be used to supplement and also obtain a nutritional balance.
  Is it necessary to eat coarse rice to be healthy in black bread? In terms of the nutritional content of rice or whole wheat, the nutritional content of basic rice is definitely better than that of white rice, especially in the content of vitamins and metabolic fibers.

Eat more flour, whole wheat noodles, and supplement the vitamin B family. At the same time, the supplementary fiber can slow down the absorption of starch, which is especially advantageous for obese people and blood sugar fluctuations.

  Can this completely deny the nutritional effects of white rice and white flour?

Impossible, and not necessary.

Knowing how to use a variety of foods reasonably can supplement the nutritional loss of white flour and white rice.


Vitamins B1 and B2 are not just sources of cereals, beans, seeds, and nuts.

Especially the highest content of fermented yeast.


Although micron rice and whole wheat are high in supplementary fiber, there are many foods containing high-purity fiber, beans, vegetables, and fruits are good sources of supplementary fiber.

Therefore, even if you eat white rice and white noodles, as long as there are enough vegetables and fruits, they can provide sufficient supplementary fiber.