Double samba running around details

Double samba running around details

After knowing the basic movements of Samba running around, you also need to cooperate with the two people so that you can keep up with the rhythm smoothly.

It is necessary to pay attention to the space of the arms and two people, even if it is a step that requires coordination, it also requires the extension and control of the individual upper body movements.

  There is always a connected arm between the two people. This step is not connected when only one person rotates, which is rhythm 2.

At the beginning, the woman stood in front of the man, the woman’s right leg was in front of the samba, and the man’s left leg was in front. At this time, the woman’s right arm was close to the man’s left arm, and the woman’s right hand was in front of the man, While the man ‘s left hand is on the back of the woman ‘s shoulder blade. When the pace of the two people changes in turn, the arms of the two remain until the woman starts to rotate around the man ‘s right. At this time, the woman ‘s left hand changes to the man ‘s.On the right shoulder, the man’s right hand rests on the woman’s left hind shoulder blade.

Attach the skin of the connected arm, do not have a large gap in the elbow position.

  In addition, unconnected arms, straight to the side, palms facing down, press the wrist appropriately.

  At the same time, pay attention to the sense of space of the two people, and try to keep the distance between the two people more uniform.

And when the next shot is your own partner spinning around yourself, the last step of the samba walk needs to reduce the pace, and this step needs to be slightly angled to the side of the partner, so that the rotating party canProperly reducing the steps of the step rotation is conducive to rotation.

In addition, pay attention to keep your head and shake your head when rotating.

  The pace here is that the lady is on the left of the man, and the two walk one step opposite the samba walk + side walk + one step samba walk.

Then the lady stepped forward in front of the man, turned around and stepped + one samba walk, while the man repeated the step of one samba walk + side step + one samba walk, but in the first samba walk here,To keep the sense of space for two people, the man should move forward slightly to the left, leaving a little more space for the right.

After that the lady started to go straight, while the man turned around the lady.