Common causes of babies crying

Common causes of babies crying

Tears are the unique emotional language of human beings. Novice parents always feel trapped in the face of babies who express themselves frequently by crying.

So, is there a simple inspection method that can quickly determine and discover the cause of your baby’s crying?

  1 Hungry As a novice parent, you must remember when your baby drinks milk every time.

Time, the feeding time for a baby who drinks breast milk is 2?
3 hours, the feeding time between meals for a baby who does not drink breast milk is 3?
4 hours.

  Is the baby full?
After 3 hours, the last meal is almost digested. If the baby is crying at this time, it is likely to be hungry. At this time, you can do this: Step1: Check the diaper first.

  Step 2: Wash your hands and prepare to feed your baby.

  Tips: Pay attention to 2 items. Note 1: Do not help your baby change diapers immediately after drinking milk, otherwise it will cause the baby to spit milk.

  Note 2: The baby should remember to ventilate after drinking milk. Parents just need to lift the back of their hands and gently pat the baby’s back to get good results.

  2 Advances in the era of wet diapers, changing diapers is no easy task for parents, not to mention that some diapers also have intimate designs, which can show whether the baby has wet diapers near the diapers.

  Changing diapers frequently Although changing diapers is relatively simple, diaper rash is the most common skin disease in infants and young children. This is caused by babies’ wet urine or stools that breed bacteria in the diapers, decompose urine to produce ammonia, and boots stimulate skin.

  To prevent diaper rash, you can do this: Step1: Change your diaper frequently.

  Step2: Using disposable diapers with good water absorption and good air permeability can effectively reduce the frequency and severity of diaper rash.

  Step 3: Wear a fit diaper.

  Step4: Before changing the baby to a new diaper, it is best to wash the skin with warm water, pat dry with a towel, and finally put on a new diaper.

  3 long toothache When the baby has long teeth, the gums itch and they will like to bite people or things.

In addition, some baby’s gums will have a red circle of inflammation on the edge of the baby’s gums.

Once your baby feels pain and discomfort, it will become irritable and cry.

  Bite a bite to reduce crying. The baby will enter the stage of teeth from 6 months. In order to reduce the baby’s gum discomfort, you can do this-Step1: Provide a teether to let the baby bite, so that the baby will not bite clean things.

  Step2: You can use a cold compress or a cold towel to apply cold to your baby’s cheek.

  Step3: Massage the baby’s gums with clean fingers.