Elderly drug safety and safety Raiders

Elderly drug safety and safety Raiders

Geriatric health care has become a problem that has been widely studied in society and is receiving increasing attention.

Due to the aging of the population, many diseases occur with age, and people are sick, especially chronic diseases.

Therefore, it is common for older people to use multiple drugs at the same time. It is not uncommon to use 3-4 drugs and more than 10 kinds.

Most people think that taking more medicines is more natural. However, when multiple drugs are used at the same time, the interaction will affect the therapeutic effect, and some will have some adverse reactions.

Therefore, the elderly should also pay attention to their rationality, otherwise they will increase their mental and physical burdens.

  First of all, we must understand the physiological characteristics of the elderly. Because of its natural aging, the functional state of the organs of the body and the physiological functions have changed. Compared with their former and young people, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics also have their own characteristics.The conventional dose is not suitable. It should be small dose, or start from a small dose, and gradually adjust according to the patient’s reaction to ensure the safety of medication.

The recommended amount is 1/3 of the adult; others recommend reducing 10% for those over 65 years old, 20% for those over 75 years old, and 30% for those over 85 years old. Individuals in individual cases may not be able to do it individually.
  The first is to clearly define the purpose of treatment before it is clear.

Geriatric patients should be based on their current physical conditions, that is, what is the main contradiction, that is, what is the center of treatment.

In some cases, medication may not be beneficial. For example, calf edema is more common in the elderly, and sometimes no specific cause can be detected. At this time, if the diuretic is given, it may not be able to improve, and may cause other problems.

Older people, because of their old age, usually have more sitting and less activity. Most of the calf edema is physiological. After the rest at night, it can be improved. It may be beneficial to increase the activity properly.

For example, patients with mild blood pressure increase do not need medication at all; some blood pressure and blood pressure are caused by sleep or bad mood, and blood pressure lowering drugs do not solve the problem.

  Once again, it is good to cooperate with doctors and patients.

The doctor should explain the condition to the patient clearly. The doctor should try to reduce the type of medication and simplify the method of taking the medicine. The patient should understand the doctor and take the medicine strictly according to the doctor’s advice.

  In short, although medication for the elderly is a complicated problem, I hope that you can learn a little about the common sense of medicine, learn to observe the efficacy, side effects and toxic reactions, and if necessary, reduce a certain medicine or add a certain medicine to facilitate the best use of the medicine.The therapeutic effect, the toxic side effects are excluded to a minimum.

To know that the human body is tolerant to drugs, some drugs are not suitable for long-term use.

Should be replaced according to the condition of the treatment, using intermittent, alternating methods.

First take the diet, and then use the old saying: “It is a drug three-point poison”, so you can use the diet first to use diet, this is a double-double.

For example, drinking ginger brown sugar water can treat cold and cold.

After the diet is still not effective, consider using physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and other methods, and finally choose to use medication.

The use of traditional Chinese medicine, followed by Western medicine is mostly a natural medicine, its toxicity and complications are generally smaller than Western medicine, unless it is effective to use Western medicine.

Older people often suffer from chronic diseases or old roots. Under normal circumstances, it is best to take Chinese medicine for conditioning.

For additional use, after oral administration to reduce the toxicity of drugs to the body, diseases that can be treated with external drugs, some skin diseases, gingivitis, sprains, etc. can be first detoxified with external application, swelling, it is best not to take anti-inflammatory drugs.

First use internal medicine, after injection, some middle-aged people want to inject an injection when they are sick, thinking that the injection is so fast, it is not.

The pharmacist flows through the bloodstream and finally enters the heart, directly endangering the blood vessel wall and heart.

Therefore, if the drug can be relieved by internal medicine, it is not necessary to use an injection.

First use medicine, then add with new drugs, new drugs, special medicines continue to emerge, generally have a unique effect in some aspects, but due to the shortened application time, its shortcomings and side effects, especially long-term complications have not been recognized by othersNew drugs that can’t stand the test of time and are finally eliminated are not uncommon.

Therefore, it is best to use Chinese and Western medicines when the elderly are sick. It is really necessary to use new and special medicines, especially when it comes to imported medicines.