Practice yoga under the boss’s eyelids


Practice yoga under the boss’s eyelids

What beats the office killer, yoga is a good idea.

It would be perfect to be able to pull open the table and chairs in the office and practice yoga while working.

  When it comes to yoga, most people will have such a scene in their minds: The Wizard of Oz or the sea breeze, the beautiful back of the practitioners in yoga clothes, the music is soothing and gentle, and with the long breath, they gradually walk freely.Become quiet and indifferent, forgetting to worry about drifting to an empty place where heaven and man are one.
Such a scenario does not appear in the office, but why not try the more convenient “office yoga”?

  The so-called “Office Yoga” is a yoga movement specially designed for Du Lala decompression and fitness in the target sport, which is very different from traditional yoga.

The movements are simple, scientific and reasonable. They are mainly aimed at the prevention of common “office syndrome” and can also help relieve work stress.

The most important thing is that in the office, you can easily practice by repeating equipment such as tables and chairs.

You don’t need to change into a regular yoga suit, as long as it is more relaxed casual clothes, you can start practicing.

  A refreshing, ready-to-work action requires: hands clasped with fingers, put on the chin.

Inhale deeply, open your arms to both sides, and face the front of the back of your hand; exhale, fall down, touch your elbows, push your head backwards with the strength of your arms, and try to bring your back to the shoulder blades.

{做4――6个回合} 吸气,回正头部;呼气,双手掌微用力将头部向下按压,使下巴贴锁骨,保持2―3次呼吸;吸气,回正头部.
Place your right hand around the top of your head and stick to your left ear. Exhale and press your left ear towards your right shoulder. Inhale and return to the head.

Place your left hand around the top of your head and stick to your right ear, exhale, and press your right ear towards your left shoulder; inhale and return to the head.

Finally, maintain a smooth breathing, slowly turn your head, one in each direction.

  Efficacy: Cooperating with breathing exercises for the head, it can make the brain and body quickly and adequately nourish, make the cervical spine flexible and refreshing.

  B Head movement + ear massage action should be: inhale, unfold ten fingers high above the head, the back of the hand trying to flip backwards; exhale, squeeze your hands with your fists and press your wrists downwards.

Do it back and forth 10 times.

Put your hands on your shoulders lightly, inhale and raise your head, expand forward, upward, and backward, the shoulder blades try to touch; exhale, lower your head, and touch your elbows against your chest.

Sit at the front of the chair, with your back straight, inhale, flat on both sides, extend your hands to both sides indefinitely, and then hold for 5-6 breaths.

Grasp the chair armrest with your right hand around the body, grab the back of the chair with your left hand, use your hands to exhale, and twist the spine backwards.

Inhale, return to your body, exhale, and reverse.

  Efficacy: Flexible shoulders, relieve periarthritis.

Flexible column to prevent waist and back pain.

Prevent calf fractures and hypertension, prevent lactic acid accumulation in the knees, and improve knee joint rheumatism.

  C working gap, stretching hands and feet, moving fingers, wrists, shoulders, vertical cross, twisted ridges, and foot-hook-and-foot movements. Make sure to sit in two-thirds of the chair, backrest, and grab the side of the chairKeep your legs elevated and the chair level, stay for 10 breaths, and then keep breathing smoothly, don’t hold your breath, legs cycle like a bicycle from top to bottom, the time depends on each person’s physical fitness.

After a short break, step on the animation circle in the opposite direction.

  Efficacy: Improves insufficient blood supply to the heel and heel, strengthens abdominal and leg muscles, burns excess belly and leg, and eliminates flatulence.

  D Promote digestion and relax Eyes step by step Lotus + Forehead + Snake-neck and Downward dog movements: Close your eyes, thumb and forefinger, pinch your eyes to the acupoints for half a minute; rub your temples with your thumbs, and press the top of the other four fingersAround Baihui Point, half a minute.

Don’t rush to open your eyes, rub your hands quickly, put your palms on your eyes, warm your eyes with a hot palm, and promote blood circulation in the eyes;Circle, circle in the opposite direction, 10 back and forth, and then slowly loosen your hands to allow the eyes to adapt to the surrounding light.

  Efficacy: Protects eyesight, relieves dry eyes, and prevents congestion of eye fatigue.

  E relaxed waist and legs, looking forward to work auspicious sitting variant + dancer style + half-moon style and straight hanging Yunfan movement order: sitting on a chair, knees bent, feet feet facing each other, relax cheekbones, exhale, elbow flexion,The upper body leans forward to the limit, maintains the body position, inhales and raises the head, extends the entire back, stays for 5-6 breaths, inhales again, and the head drives the body back up to the right side; hands are raised above the top of the head, and the cheekbones feel stable towardSit down, the remaining spine segments extend axially upwards, eyes facing forward.

  Efficacy: It has a special effect on stimulating the roots of the spine, improves humpback, and treats hemorrhoids caused by sedentary.