[How to make a few chrysanthemum tea at a time]_How to make _How to make

[How to make a few chrysanthemum tea at a time]_How to make _How to make

Chrysanthemum tea has higher health care value and is a better health tea. However, when making chrysanthemum tea, pay attention to the correct method. Each time you put a small scratch, you can boil the water for 2 to 3 minutes, andChrysanthemum tea can compress the liver and clear the eyes, detoxify the fire, and improve these bad symptoms such as hypertension and hypertension. It can also regulate myocardial function and reduce plasma.

1. When brewing chrysanthemum tea, it is best to use transparent glass, put four or five capsules at a time, and then brew with boiling water.

If there are many people, you can use a transparent teapot, put a small handful at a time, immerse in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, and then pour the tea into each person’s transparent glass.

When drinking chrysanthemum tea, add a few sugar candies to the tea cup, so that it tastes sweeter.

Chrysanthemum tea has a certain effect on dry mouth, fire, and astringency, or limb pain and numbness caused by wind, cold and wetness.

2. Healthy people can add plain water as boiling water.

Don’t finish every time you drink. Keep extra cups of tea, add new tea, soak for a while, and then drink.

Due to the medicinal effect of chrysanthemum tea, it is generally loved by people.

Modern science has been able to extract the active ingredients in chrysanthemums and make them into chrysanthemum crystals, chrysanthemum cola and other drinks, making it more convenient for people who like to save time and time.

Chrysanthemum tea is a tea drink for all ages.

3, chrysanthemum is divided into wild chrysanthemum and house chrysanthemum. Among them, chrysanthemum has clear liver and eyesight, wild chrysanthemum removes poison and dispels fire, bitter cold and bitter cold, clears heat and detoxifies, and has certain effects on eye strain, headache, and hypertension.

Modern medical research also confirms that chrysanthemum has the effects of lowering blood pressure, eliminating diabetes, expanding coronary arteries and inhibiting bacteria, which can lead to long-term increase of human calcium, regulate myocardial function, and decrease. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and to prevent epidemic conjunctivitis.field.

It also has better curative effect on liver fire, eyes dryness caused by excessive eyes.

At the same time, chrysanthemum tea has a strong aroma, refreshing and refreshing nerves, and also has a certain relaxation of nerves, soothing headache.

Traditional Chinese medicine can treat symptoms such as red eyes, sore throat, tinnitus, wind and cold, headache, high blood pressure, and sores.

If it is consumed for a long time, it also has the effect of “blowing blood, lightening, and prolonging life”.